"It is one of the beautiful compensations of life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.” Emerson Waldo Emerson

“Have you ever noticed that the very best way to lift yourself up is by offering a hand up to someone else? What a wonderful paradox that through giving we receive what it is we really, truly need.”

I couldn’t agree more. I know for me when I’m so immersed in my challenges and just a myriad of life events, I get almost physically ill sometimes. I’m agitated and irritated often and it’s not a state of consciousness that I welcome, whenever it creeps in.

What I have learned and still am learning and have become consciously aware of is that when I take my mind off of me or my circumstance, even for a moment, and focus on the need of another, be it my husband, a friend or neighbor or a stranger, that immediately my spirit is lifted and my burden lessens, in just that moment.

I believe that’s one of the spiritual laws of nature. It goes to, the more you give the more you receive; what you want most, give it away; you get what you give, and on and on, ad infinitum. For me, I receive a whole lot more than I’m giving. I get a sense of peace. I get a clear vision of what I set out to become, a Co-worker with God, the Universe. I get to listen to the sound and I get to see the light.

Lending a hand or an ear or a smile or a handshake or a hello to someone else allows me to get back to the pure state of Soul, who is eternal, and takes me closer and closer to the God-like qualities that I am endowed with but had somehow let go of. Giving gives me so much and allows me to give more.

There is so much joy in giving. “May you always know the joy that comes in giving” of your true self.



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