Reaching your goal weight brings a feeling of elation that you won't soon forget. 16 years after reaching my goal weight using Weight Watchers, I still remember that feeling of joy and pride. That feeling - although you remember it, unfortunately won't keep you from gaining the weight back. I am convinced that the only way to remain at a healthy weight for life is to address the very individualized reason(s) you were overweight in the first place. So, if you are reading this saying - "that's silly, I was overweight because I ate too much," that may be true but why did you eat too much?
Did you pick up a cookie when you were sad? Did you celebrate with food since childhood? Are you by nature a person who loves to lay around? Are you a carb addict?
You see, the weight loss is the easy part. Addressing the reasons you were overweight can be difficult. But it is a necessary part of your journey. I was sharing with my good friend who is on her own weight loss journey a few of my issues. I am a sad eater. When I am sad or lonely, or depressed with PMS, or just plain depressed - I eat. I still do after 16 years. The change is in what I eat. Now I may eat a whole carton of cherry tomatoes, or a whole pack of baby carrots. The good news is - that it causes no weight gain, nor does it clog my arteries. ( Beware that it can cause an upset stomach.)
You must address these areas and be armed with how you will handle it when it happens - because it will happen.
So, what do you do?
Take a few hours alone with a journal and honestly explore back to the reasons you were overweight. Write each and every reason down and then take a break.
A day or even a few days later - pick up the journal and create a solution to address each of these reasons. If you are like me - you will have a few areas to address. Keep that journal with you.. for the next 12 months. Eventually, you will become so accustomed to what to do when any of your "fat habits" rears it's ugly head, that you won't need to carry your journal anymore.
I don't believe "fat habits" ever go completely away, they key is knowing what to do when you find yourself in the middle of addressing one of your old habits.
Also, have a plan for when you don't do the right thing. Nobody is always on track. If you happen to be an emotional eater - and you beat yourself up over going off track- you will just eat more.
A few hours of honest reflection now - can save you from years of yo yo dieting.
Welcome to a lifetime of living at a healthy weight!!!

Author's Bio: 

1990 Graduate of Salisbury University - Purdue School Of Business
1991/1992 - Became a Lifetime member of Weight Watchers - maintaining her weight for 16 years
2000 Dale Carnegie Graduate
2003 Leadership In Life Institute
LUTCF designation from the American College in 2003
10+ years of training/coaching and recruiting in the Insurance Industry
Founder of strYve Club a new empowement Club for women.