40 million people in the U.S. suffer from sleep problems every year, according to the FDA. The 2007 Sleep in America Poll found that two-thirds of women surveyed experienced a sleep problem at least a few nights a week during the last month.

Stress is one of the major causes of sleep problems.* Busy days with too much to think about, financial stress, family problems, worries…it’s too easy to lie awake at night – and be worn out the next day.

Deep Relaxation may be very helpful with sleep problems, lowering your stress, allowing your body and mind to stop being on “red alert”.

Parents of young children know that bedtime rituals help their children get to sleep, and sleep well through the night. Did you know it’s helpful for adults too? Having a regular routine around bedtime where you prepare for restful sleep can greatly increase the likelihood that you will sleep well.

Relaxation is a very important part of preparing for good sleep. Deep Relaxation allows your body and mind to settle down from the day’s activities. It’s then much easier to go to sleep, stay asleep, and sleep soundly.

Many people find that listening to a relaxation CD at bedtime helps them achieve a satisfying night’s sleep. Soothing words and calming music can work for adults the way a lullaby works for an infant! It’s a wonderful way to let go of the day’s concerns and drift off into restful sleep.

*If you are experiencing persistent sleep difficulties, be sure to check with your doctor.

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Sandi Anders, M.Div., R.Y.T. (www.Imagery4Relaxation.com) has been helping people relax and access their inner creativity for many years. A stress management specialist, yoga and meditation teacher, musician and life coach, she uses her soothing voice to teach audiences how to let go of stress and tension and learn to listen to the wisdom of the body. Sandi blends poetic language with her broad knowledge of meditation traditions to teach relaxation skills anyone can learn.

Sandi is based in Nashville, TN and leads workshops and retreats around the country. Her popular new CD "The Alchemy of Peace and Love" offers two hours of guided relaxation and meditation, using her unique voice, evocative words and original music to guide the listener into a deeply relaxed state.

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