Want more good luck in your life? Then why not look at what the research shows about lucky people? Better yet, why not do some simple exercises that train your mind in the habits of lucky people?

To start with, the research shows (and yes there is a lot of "luck" research) that luckier people have more interaction with others. That makes sense, of course, and you might think it's better luck to have friends than acquaintances. However, the research says otherwise.

For example, in one study, hundreds of professional and technical workers were interviewed about how they found their current jobs. Personal connections accounted for over half of the jobs found - a good example of the value of "networking." Interestingly, though, researchers found that these "personal connections" who got them the jobs were not primarily friends. In fact, over 83% said they saw the contact person only "rarely," or "occasionally." People weren't finding jobs through friends, but through acquaintances and even those they had just met.

It makes sense if you think about it for a moment. Friends often already work with you, and go to the same places, and know a lot of the same things as you do. Therefore, NEW information about jobs or anything else, is more likely to come from outside your circle of friends. Of course it's good to have close friends, but having acquaintances may lead to more good luck, because they are more likely to introduce you to new opportunities. This is especially true if they are from many different walks of life.

To use this information, then, you can do a simple good luck exercise. First list people you know who each operate in different subcultures or "circles." Avoid putting people on the list who work at the same place or even in the same industry. Better to have a musician and a barber on the list than a drummer and a guitar player. Ideally, each person on the list should know a different group of people. Find a phone number or address for each, and put that next to their names.

What if you can't think of ten people? Then make some new acquaintances to fill out that list! Put a star next to any mavens you know. These are people who seem to know everyone and everything - very useful people to know.


Now make a point to call or otherwise contact one of the people on the list. Make it someone who you haven't talked to recently. Offer to buy the person a drink or meal, perhaps, or just call to say hi or to ask a question. Make up a reason to call and stay in contact with him or her. Do this once or twice a month with another person on the list, but start today if you want to start having more good luck.

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