A confused mind ALWAYS says NO!
An article by Jim Connolly

Many years ago I uncovered a piece of information that immediately transformed my career and improved my life beyond all recognition. I have since shared this insight with people all over the world and seen it help create amazing results - now it's your turn! No matter what you want from life - an understanding of this principle will help you achieve it!

It is simply this:
A confused mind always says NO!

Please allow me to explain:
In order to become successful, we all need the help of others. We need our family, friends, colleagues, our contacts and the marketplace to; support us, work with us, recommend us and buy from us. In short, we cannot make it by ourselves! We need as many people as possible to say yes to us; yes I will support you, yes I will work with you, yes I will promote you, yes I will recommend you to my contacts and yes I will buy from you.

If someone is confused or uncertain about something - and you ask them to make a decision, they will always (well 99.9% of the time) simply say 'no!'

A lack of clarity makes us feel uncertain, so rather than risk making a mistake, the natural human response is to say 'NO'!

When you want to achieve something - clarity is king. If you want someone to listen to your proposition and say 'yes', (if you want a raise, a promotion at work, to make a sale, to make an advertisement work or even to get the kids to tidy their room etc) - it is essential that your message is clear and fully understood.

For example, if you believe you deserve a raise from your boss, tell her clearly, exactly what you believe you are entitled to and why! Explain clearly and concisely, how much extra you believe you are worth and what she will get in return for increasing her wage bill! She then has all the variables required to make her decision.

If you are in sales or own a small business, it is massively important for you to make regular, high calibre sales. No matter how good your product or service is, your success will be determined by how clearly you communicate your product or services’ benefits, to the largest possible number of qualified, potential customers or clients. However, even experienced salespeople often use jargon and buzz-words during their presentations as well as overusing statistics. In an attempt to give as many reasons to buy as possible, in the shortest time possible, they create as much confusion as possible!

Avoid inner confusion
A confused mind always says no – so it’s vitally important to be very clear about your future too! How clear are you in your mind about what you want from your career, your business or your life? The clarity with which you focus on your future, will greatly determine how much of it you achieve!

Although I am not suggesting that clarity alone will guarantee you get a pay rise or a 100% increase in sales - I am suggesting that it will greatly increase your chances.

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