After 60 years and billions of dollars of research there are 1 in 3 people instead of 1 in 60 who have cancer today. Maybe the medical establishment doesn’t have all the answers? I’m saying that not only so that you can listen to your doctor differently but that also you can be open to listening to some other voices about your own body; most specifically your own body’s voice.

Medicine today, like many social systems we live with are in some ways incredibly advanced and in other ways because of the speed at which we live, too closed and large a system to let in new and maybe unorthodox views. It is also an old system that is slow to change. It is a system that may have the answers for the general public but not for you specifically.

Your Body Has a Healing Plan

Your body/mind has a specific plan for healing. Health and survival are the body’s primary objective. In us all is a powerful and naturally designed regenerative force that we are just now learning about. Re-claiming balance by beginning to do things that create wellness and stopping the activities that are unhealthy can ignite this regenerative force. All of life is behind that purpose.

For example doctors will reduce your fever with drugs. But a fever is a natural immune system response. For every degree of temperature rise in the human body, the speed at which your white blood cells can travel in your bloodstream is doubled. This is called leukotaxis. This means that with a 103 fever, your immune cells are working at 32 times their normal speed to eat up and destroy the bacteria or virus. If you reduce a fever with drugs, you go directly against this natural force and bodily function and stop your body from healing itself. This may work temporarily but the gyrations your physiology has to go through to accommodate this jam can cause much greater problems down the road.

This is often the case with cancer. Cancer can metastasize or move precisely because the medical treatment is toxic and incomplete. This is simply because nobody cared to find out why the cancer developed in the first place.

Cancer Warning signs

The brain controls everything but science has yet to even acknowledge the knowledge of the body or try to decipher its special language. In the early 1970’s a German doctor was diagnosed with cancer 6 months after the accidental shooting of his son. Dr. Hamer felt that the cancer was connected to his son’s untimely death.

He worked in a cancer clinic and found that virtually every case of disease was connected to a ‘biological shock.’ This shock causes the brain to shut down in a specific way that sets off a series of physical reactions. These symptoms can be detected and once detected, reversed. (To get a special report of this process write to with “Hamer Report’ in the subject line)

Canswer Prevention Steps:

1)Decide to come alive
2)Listen closely to your doctor. Learn to listen closer to yourself
3)Get professional help (long time healer preferably familiar with Dr. Hamer’s work) deciphering the brain/mind/emotional program you are on. Get proper support to delve deep inside.
4)Do some form of GUIDED oral chelation and detox – Juice fast, bowel cleanse, liver cleanse, NCD, specific to your needs
5)Nourish your body with stem cell nutrition, right foods, herbs, homeopathy
6)Nourish you spirit, change your mind and attitude – decide to be happy instead of right
7)Physiologically alter the paradigm of stress in the body system on an on-going basis.
8)Become aware of any big shock that you have in your life may very much affect your brain and bio-electric patterns. Take proper steps to ameliorate the emotional shock before illness shows up in your body.

You have the power to direct your health.

Author's Bio: 

Madalyn Suozzo is a naturally born Medical Intuitive and Meta-Physician, teacher and author with over 25 years in the field of natural healing, environmental detoxification and nutrition alchemy. Her work can be seen at