I was given very good advice by a healer once - I was told that when I felt stressed, tense, emotional, tired...in fact, any feeling of strain...I should take a “light shower”.

My first thought was that I don't have time to run home, shower, dry myself and get dressed at odd times during the day.

Silly me!

She meant a shower of light...

Literally stand still for a few moments, close my eyes and imagine/visualize a shower of light pouring down and over me... Imagine the light enveloping and swirling around me, penetrating my whole body.

We are made up of vibrations. And light is just that - vibrations! Very simply, each colour of the light spectrum has its own vibrations and those vibrations interact with and affect our personal vibrations. Yellow and reds are stimulating; blues and greens are calming.

Colour can have a profound effect on your mood, vitality and well-being. Colour therapy with a trained professional involves the use of colours to improve physical, emotional and mental health. But you can do it yourself as part of your stress relief programme...

Try this simple Colour Meditation to calm the mind and help you relax...

* Sit comfortably with your eyes closed. Take a few deep breaths and relax.
* Imagine a ball of golden light above your head. Visualize the ball of light slowly descending through your head until it fills your entire body. Metaphorically, think of it as if you are seated in the middle of a beach ball and the colour completely fills that imaginary space around you. Imagine that this light is cleansing and healing your spirit.
* Practice this until it becomes familiar to you.
* Repeat, visualizing a ball of red light. Continue slowly through the colour spectrum - orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet - until you feel completely relaxed.

You will probably find that some colours are easier for you to visualize than others. Researchers recognize that colours bring about emotional reactions in individuals. Notice what each colour feels like...You can expect each colour to feel different - people often experience a correspondence between colours and physical or emotional feelings. We all know the sayings... "Feeling blue", "Saw red", "Black mood", "In the pink"...

I also like to use Colour Meditation for a specific purpose...
Identify which colour you feel you "need" in order to balance your physical, emotional or mental state.

Then do a Colour Meditation using just that colour. If you feel you need inspiration for a project that you are working on - "bathe" yourself in yellow or orange. Visualizing the colour blue has a calming and soothing effect when your temper is frayed.

As with all relaxation and stress relief techniques - the more you practice the better the effect on your overall health!

Author's Bio: 

Margo Bastos has a real estate business in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Her abiding interest, continuing personal research and every-day philosophy is in alternative mind, body and spiritual modalities.

She has an MA in Jewish Studies from the University of Cape Town and has done research and teaching in this field.

Together with Alan Mounter, a practising holistic therapist, she has a website dealing with natural remedies for managing the negative effects of stress. Visit at DIY STRESS RELIEF