Another day, another gold medal... isn't it fun to be Michael Phelps at Beijing Olympics 2008? But what kind of fun, exactly? Let's do an Empath-Merge to find out, and add information straight from aura reading as well.

First, some background. EMPATH means someone born with at least one significant gift for directly experiencing what it is like to be others. Some of you readers already have succeeded at becoming a skilled empath.

You have learned how to keep your gift(s) turned OFF most of the time, so you avoid taking on other people's stuff. Then you can use a technique like Darshan in
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For the reading below, I'm going to choose databanks of interest in Michael's aura. Every chakra in an aura contains 50 databanks, so there's plenty to choose from!

Three photos will be used. Below I'll supply the links. If you wish, you can open up the photos, copy them onto a blank email or word document, and pull the corners to enlarge. Pull those corners just a bit harder and, with the swimming photo, you can splash yourself.

Just kidding about the splashing part. Here are links for you:

* Michael Phelps on dry land, being a "normal guy"
* Michael Phelps preparing to racein the Olympics
* And Michael Phelps while racing in the Olympics.


Phelps as a "normal guy": Loves when there is no pressure. Has learned a great deal about how to quickly make himself feel comfortable, so there is a rapid internal choice, like turning a light switch on.

"Easygoing manner" is a persona he has used since childhood. (Any of you readers know about his birth order? Seems like a safe bet that, in his family, Phelps is no firstborn.)

Phelps preparing to race: If you have ever studied with me (especially aura reading, face reading, cutting cords of attachment, energy protection and cleansing), you are familiar with doing a Preparation Process. Accuracy at reading auras, etc., depends on preparing properly.

So it is with great amusement that I share Phelps' experience. As much as any aura reader, psychic, or medium, he is (consciously or not) raising his vibrations. This is a very fast intelligence, way beyond human.

If I had to choose the best name I could, I would call it "dolphin." At this vibration, Phelps moves through time and space differently, as though he can slowly visit huge holes between "minutes" and/or "inches."

Although firmly tethered to his physical body, Phelps moves into a day-dreamy space where he is primarily identified with this different version of himself.

Phelps racing in the water: Aw, skilled empaths, you've got to come play in this! Years ago, I read the autobiography of ballerina Margot Fonteyn, who described her performance space like this: Seeing a miniature ballerina in her "mind," a version of herself all made of white light, a version that executed each step perfectly and Fonteyn would try her best to approximate.

Phelps is mostly identified in that higher up version of himself, making the body move. Feels great just to eavesdrop on that experience energetically. :-)


Phelps as a "normal guy": Friendly and sociable, he is way too easygoing to bother feeling competitive in everyday life.
Phelps preparing to race: The degree of commitment to win feels like a vow. Qualities here are huge, sacred, calm, certain-of-victory.

Phelps preparing to race: Michael's consciousness fills the entire pool area, striking terror into any competitor who is awake enough to notice this presence. It's a bit like visiting with a saint or a trustworthy guru, where you bow down and love the darshan.

Except that this is a race, after all, and that big and affectionate and detached presence is gently reminding you of the name of the winner. Does this feel like coercion to me?
No, it's more like a byproduct of the big energy presence at a higher vibration, moving into the human body in that pool.

If you could ask any of his competitors "Honestly, is swimming with Phelps different than other competitive swimming?" the answer could be fascinating.


Phelps as a "normal guy": Nothing unusual shows here. Phelps has a relatively small projection here, like most successful young men who don't feel the need to be bothered with religion.

In a humble (and common) way, Phelps believes he has figured out everything he needs to know about religion. He reads like pure WASP. In this way, Phelps helps provide a great lesson about the distinction between belonging to a religion and connecting to Source in a powerful way spiritually.

Phelps preparing to race: How funny is this? Phelps prepares to "blank out." That, or equivalent language, is how he makes sense within himself of the way he does what I call "getting out of the way."

Tuning down his personality, including that usual religious connection, can be a simple thing, whatever one's line of work. It is needed for aura reading and the best face reading, for empath-merges as well as for athletic excellence.

Phelps racing in the water: The spiritual connection is vast and pure. Being in water helps to magnify this particular set of energies.


Phelps as a "normal guy": Don't let the casual clothes and relaxed posture fool you. That strong and glorious soul expression is hardly normal "clothing" for human beings at this time. But it could be!

Phelps preparing to race: As Phelps contracts aurically, in preparation to race, he maintains a firm, sure version of his finely-tuned soul connection.

Phelps racing in the water: Phelps' aura is so strongly flooded with golden light, it fills the room for miles in every direction.

Add your observations. I'm especially interested in comments from any of you who know much about dolphins, like one past client for Energy Release Regression Therapy. We moved out some frozen blocks from that lifetime, and before you laugh, be aware that this one session removed an allergy to eating fish that had threatened her human life for decades.

What does Phelps do best for humanity? From my experience with doing the empath-merges in today's blog-post, "winning" isn't the answer. Neither is "breaking new world records." The shifting, in itself, to a higher form of intelligence matters most.

That, not the swimming skill, may be your destiny. Mine, too, if we're all lucky.

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