The two A’s of success are Actions and Attitudes. You have to have both to achieve sustainable success in life. Having one without the other will only allow you to achieve a mild level of success. Having both will enable you to accomplish anything!

If you have the right attitude in sales but don’t link that with the correct actions, you will receive limited results. If you have the right actions but have the wrong attitude when you are engaged in the actions, you will receive marginal results. Only by having both will you fulfill your full potential. I always ask people which one influences the other more. Does your attitude influence your actions, or do your actions influence your attitude? Take a moment and consider your response.

If you are like most people, you selected the first: your attitude influences your actions more. The rationale is that if you feel good or empowered, you will do the actions that you must do. If you feel good and feel like doing what you must do, that will control your actions. While feelings have an effect for most people, the true Champion Performers in life don’t let their feelings dictate whether they will be successful or not. The true Champion Performers don’t allow feelings to influence what needs to get done today.

The key to success is using your actions to influence your attitude. When you discipline yourself to take the actions that you must take, your attitude will begin to come in line. Most of us in sales know what we need to do daily in terms of prospecting and lead follow-up. We know we need to take time to practice our skill or craft of sales. When we fail to do what we know we should do, our attitude is affected negatively. When we do what we know we should do, our attitude is affected positively. Your attitude and confidence will be thrust upward through disciplined action or activities.

In the end, your actions will influence your attitude more than your attitude will influence your actions.

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Dirk Zeller is an Agent, an Investor, and the President & CEO of Real Estate Champions. His company trains more than 350,000 Agents worldwide each year through live events, online training, self-study programs, and newsletters. He's the widely published author of Your First Year in Real Estate, Success as a Real Estate Agent for Dummies®, The Champion Real Estate Agent, Telephone Sales for Dummies®, and over 300 articles in print.

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