Everyone loves a good quote because they come in handy when we are communicating, whether it be orally or written. But many of us always stick to the same quotes. And, there are times when the popular quotes are the best ones, but as a practice, whenever you read, look out for phrases that resonate with you, record them for later use, and in no time you will have a list of quotes that are different.

I conduct many interviews and I am often looking for phrases that strike a chord with me. The following nine quotations resonated with me during interviews that I conducted for my book Tales of People Who Get It.

  1. "Problems are often complex, and you have to find a multifaceted solution." Peter Bouffard
  2. "If you are having a challenge on a business level, do not look at how to change others, or even how to change the situation. Look at a way to change yourself." Lydia Danner
  3. "You cannot carry the requirements of a prior position into a new one without first assessing the new situation and its needs. You can bring some things with you if they fit the new framework; the rest you must toss aside." John Gardner
  4. "If you are trying to start a business or trying to do something new you're innovating. When you innovate you are in a leadership role. In that role, you have to involve other people and give them ownership, and create what I call "roving" leadership where you let people pick-up things and run with them." Suzanne Gibson
  5. "Without your colleagues you are nothing and trying to truly understand them as individuals is the most respectful thing you can do as a leader. And mutual respect provides the foundation for motivation in almost all cases." Simon Grant
  6. "People who are sitting in their offices at 10:00 p.m. trying to finish a report that is so important, should ask themselves if five years from now if they are going to have any recollection of what was so important about the report." Claire Hoy
  7. "A woman can make a difference even if she finds herself caged in her poor community. She has herself. No one can take that from her - only herself." Anthea Rossouw
  8. "I do not have to do anything extraordinary. All I need to do is wake up and see what's been here waiting for me all the time. It's already here and all is well." Maria Nemeth
  9. "I always make time for my family, and the trick is to do the unexpected, not just the expected." Joe Martin

When you reflect on the above quotes, how do you feel? Do any of the quotes resonate with you? Which ones? Do you have a collection of quotes that you like? What is your favourite quotation and why?

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