Genetic analysis is gaining popularity quickly and a genetic testing resource as well as information is available widely on the internet, in magazines, as well as in libraries.

Advances in science are finding many uses in the field of health, forensics, and genealogy. While a few years ago genetic testing or DNA testing was limited to governmental and research institutions today any individual can approach a laboratory and get DNA tests done.

Information on DNA testing as well as access to laboratories is available on the internet and people can find resources that are most convenient for them.

DNA or genetic testing has many uses:

1. In archeology DNA tests help record genetic codes and sequences of life on earth many centuries ago. This creates a data base that can be used as a ready reference.

2. Genetic testing is used to determine the paternity of a child . This helps authorities solve legal problems and settle any tussles.

3. DNA testing can be used to create a family tree or genealogical chart. Through genetic data bases one can trace lost relatives or find ancestors. Since the Y chromosome tends to remain unchanged for generations people can use DNA testing to establish ancestral lines.

4. Prenatal genetic tests help doctors determine whether or not the unborn fetus will have certain incurable health problems.

5. DNA tests are also used to help solve murders and other crimes. Often elusive criminals leave a DNA imprint at the scene of crime and testing helps catch them. In recent years many unsolved mysteries have been solved due to new ways of analysis.

6. DNA testing finds great use in the health field as DNA sometimes is the cause of rare medical conditions or heritable diseases.

7. Genetic testing is used in healths checks like that of certain cancers the tests help determine the presence of viruses or cells that have mutated.

8. DNA tests are often used to reunite lost siblings or families. The genetics of a person leaves an indelible mark and this is used by police and authorities as well as individuals to confirm relationships.

9. DNA tests on new species or on material from outer space help scientists and researchers determine the origins of a species and where they stand with reference to known living forms.

As advancements in DNA research have occurred, DNA testing gets more and more advanced to include: genetic fingerprinting, pupil recognition, creation of records of pure breeds, and more. DNA tests are today affordable and cost between USD 100-400 a test. And the conveniences are numerous; a DNA test kit can be ordered through mail order or using the internet. Laboratories all over the world conduct the testing and send the report back by mail.

Information on genetic testing and is advantages and uses is available all over the internet and those who are keen on getting a test done can do so easily using the internet and safe payment gateways.

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