The fastest way to create an enjoyable and lucrative business from home is to follow this proven system.

1. Look at where you are right now. What are some of the self-limiting beliefs and doubts you have about yourself and your abilities? You must conquer these fears first, before you start a business, or they will sabotage your efforts.

2. Look at who you truly are. The easiest way to stay motivated and passionate about your business is to do something you love. Delve into what makes you unique, what you love to do, and then create a business around that passion.

3. Look at where you want to be. Create a vision of your future to keep you motivated and on course. Design a life map board with pictures of what you want your future to look like and glance at it often.

4. Look at your possibilities. Research possible business opportunities and see if there’s a market out there for what you have in mind. One way to do this is to look on Amazon and see what the best sellers are. What are people looking for? What are they trying to learn?

Once you’ve found a business that is both viable and fun, it’s time to Leap into action!

5. Create time and space for your business. Learn time management tips and organization strategies that will allow you to grow your business while still having a life. For example, every day determine what your 3 most important tasks are. Start with those and don’t do ANYTHING else until they’re done.

6. Create a simple roadmap to riches business plan that will add clarity to your vision. This only needs to be a few pages but it will force you to get clear about your business goals and help ensure your business longevity.

7. Create a million dollar marketing plan with little or no budget to help spread the word about your business. Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive or painful. There are simple things you can do to start generating income quickly.

8. Create systems and success steps that will propel your business forward. Automate as much as possible and plan your days ahead of time.

9. Create a mastermind support system for you and your business. You’re not in this alone! Get the support you need and your business will succeed!

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April Coggins is an entrepreneur coach for stay at home moms. She teaches moms how to turn their passion into profits in record time.