Are you planning to include QR codes in your marketing strategy? QR Codes are a great way to create engagement with your users and to turn in memorable experiences offline experiences online.

A QR code (Quick Response) is a system developed to store information and is often characterized by an array of points and three squares to detect the position of the reader code.

How do you generate? There specific software that you can install on your computer, but there are also many specialized websites you can generate your own codes as your page or you will have to download a app (you can find most are free) on your Smartphone.

A QR code can contain a lot of information and opportunities. Let's look at details of how we can use them to promote our business activities.

9 Places where you can use a QR code

1. on the label of a product:
The packaging and on the label a QR code is a good way to redirect a client to a specific landing page that provides additional information about the product or brand. If you want to put coupons in the hands of users, use the QR codes, will be the most original and simple to do.

2. In a retail store or establishment:
With a QR code establishment will remain open 24 hours. In the window or door, but have to be closed after hours, consumers can access our entire catalog. A simple add-on service that will leave us and very well positioned against the competition. Among the stacks or outlets will be ideal to induce the purchase of a product discount.

3. in a restaurant:
With a code on the door of the establishment can contact the customer to the local site for store details how the phone, location or opening hours. But why not go further and allow you to reserve a table for dinner or you can access all the details of your recipes and dishes?

4. On public transport:
Why not put a QR code on the back of each seat and sell it as advertising space? Certainly, on public transport and spend long periods is why many countries have conducted successful campaigns. This is the case of a chain of supermarkets in Hong Kong. They put pictures of their products along a QR code on the metro stations. In the easiest way the user could acquire in your virtual shopping cart all the products while waiting for the subway. Then it sent the supermarket all home. Do not miss the video overview of this campaign!

5. In Exhibitions and Conferences:
We all have business cards and brochures presenting the company but using QR codes in a potential customer will stand to save all contact details as well as the range of services and products with consequent paper savings and convenience of having all just a click on your mobile.

6. Business Cards:
With QR codes the humble business card may experience a facelift. Including a code in it can expand the information of our business accessing a specific landing page on the business or any aspect that interests us emphasize at the time (for example, the launch of a new product)

7.In newspapers and magazines :
In each offline ad a QR code can connect to a digital experience (see the making off, bonus info, see the details of the characters ...) Using a QR code, a reader can enter the website in question to register for certain awards, or contests certain. Indeed, the design does not conflict with the codes.

8. on Advertising:
It is ideal for your advertising campaigns as can be printed or attached, in all kinds of objects, products, roofing or where we like most. Ideal for events, festivals and workshops and the cost is not very high. The supports are infinite. Look at this list of examples super original.

9. Social Networks:
Connects consumers with your social networks. They're very useful for your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any network you like. Take advantage of more training aspect of a QR code. There are several games that can be distributed from QR codes, so just take this opportunity.

Best Practices

1)we could not finish this article without remembering the good practices to get your strategies with QR codes do not fail in the attempt. In another article elaborate on this topic, but stick with these four essential tips :

2)Gives users a reason to scan the code: curiosity may be sufficient, but if you can provide more compelling reason users will not hesitate to put your hand in your pocket for your phone and scan the code.

3)Create added value for your users: this does not mean that you only have to offer discounts or promotions, but not enabled in your codes simply because they are fashionable.

4)Make a good Landing Page : They're trying an action focused especially for mobile users, making landing pages, as well as purchase have to be optimized for mobile usage.

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