Effective leadership skills are measured on the basis of communication dealing and managing tricks of a person. Good leaders not only encourage their teammates but earn respect and trust as well. Only few people are born leaders, but these skills can be learned by leadership development training. Some of the qualities of a great are listed below:

• Be approachable and lead by example

A leader should understand the team’s need and always be ready to help his teammates. Lead by example is the best leadership approach. The careless attitude and unavailability of leader lessen trust among his followers.

• Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is the key ability of a leader. A passionate leader has power to drive and inspire his followers. However, it doesn’t mean that he has to cheer his team all the time, it means he has to believe in his doings and company’s strategies and make this understand to his teammates as well.

• Organized and disciplined

A disorganized leader can’t be an effective leader. His words and actions won’t be that impressive to handle a team. It will lead to a messy and stressed out team. A leader needs to be very productive, active and organized to perform the tasks and lead his team.

• Entrust and commanding

It is a characterized quality of a great leader. He effectively needs to assign or delegate tasks to employees so that they feel its ownership and take complete responsibility. It helps to enhance the employee’s performance and productivity.

• Responsible

A responsible leader takes ownership of his tasks and teammates. He forgives teammates for crappy efforts or committing a mistake simultaneously makes them feel that he is always there to help and encourage them. He suggests them proper and productive ways to perform assigned tasks and show his dedication towards targets. It creates a responsible image of leader.

• Effective communicator and great listener

A good leader has excellent communication skills. He has expertise in communicate with employees about their roles, job responsibilities, explain them how their work make difference and appreciate their efforts. His speeches are interesting and motivating.

He is a good listener who can listen his teammates, discuss and understand their problems. When you listen more, you can understand more and respond effectively.

• Brave and honest

A great leader is confident of his decisions and actions. He is able to handle the odd situations frequently and manage his team. He should be honest towards his work, teammates and values. A confused, sugarcoated and jerk leader never be liked and don’t get success.

• Concerned to team

A leader is very concerned to his team. He talk about personal lives of their teammates as their lives outside of workstation has lot to do with their performance and productivity. He should keep a track of their birthdays, anniversaries. Children etc. This strengthens his relationship with teammates.

• A follower

A great leader is follower too who find values in his teams, get inspired by teammates and their work, encourage them to communicate and be straightforward.

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