If you are running a drop shipping store or want to start a whole new drop shipping business then you need products. Not just any product, you need trending products that sell like hotcakes. How do you research trending products for your online store? You don't because we've got you covered. Here are 9 trending products that you can sell right now to earn great profits. So, choose any one or multiple of the products given below and boost your sales.

1. Shapewear

The shapewear market is getting popular with each day, and it's expected to go up to around $5 billion in sales by the year 2022. It started as a simple undergarment for the ladies and has quickly grown into an everyday wearable. Most fashion stores are carrying this item in their stores. It helps slim the silhouette.

The shapewear niche provides a wide variety of different products that women can wear under their clothing or as an individual top. Shapewear products are available in different styles, colors, and sizes to meet the needs of the customers. Whether your store is focused on undergarments, lingerie, or general women's fashion, you can add shapewear into your catalog without any problem.

2. Phone Accessories

The phone accessories niche has been growing at a fast rate. In the coming years, it should rise to $100 billion in the market cap. Items like phone cases, phone grips, earphones, etc. have been consistently popular all around the world.

This is an excellent niche for drop shipping as you can quickly source these items from multiple suppliers and start making money without much hassle. Since it's a wide niche with a plethora of different products, you can offer as many products as you want in your store.

You can either focus on a single product or multiple products to create a niche based store. Promoting these items is also easy since you have to use visual social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Being active on these platforms will bring you the first sale that's required to kickstart your online store.

3. Athleisure

The fashion industry is evergreen. No matter what time it is, what year it is, the fashion industry will always sell like crazy, however, the trends in the fashion industry change regularly, so you need to be always in the know-how of what's trending and what's fading.

Athleisure is a whole new fashion trend that's definitely here to stay. It's an active-wear that's supposed to be worn as an everyday look rather than for gym or other athletic activities. This niche allows you the ability to sell almost anything like sports bras, leggings, sweatpants, and much more.

You can offer these products in several different ways on your online store. You can create a standalone store for athletic wear or you can provide it as a collection on your fashion-focused store. You can also offer these products in any of the fashion or fitness sub-niches. You can easily drive growth in this niche through visual social platforms and influencer marketing.

4. Backpack

The backpack, handbag, and purse niche is worth upwards of $150 billion combined. Backpacks are just a small sample of all the products you can sell right this instant within this niche. This niche often works well with a standalone store focused on selling these specific items. Also, the trend shoots up high during August when it's the back-to-school season. So, if you are trying to get into this niche then you should definitely focus on the back to school season for a large number of sales.

This niche is quite flexible as you can focus on different directions for the store, you can do travel backpacks, gym backpacks, school backpacks, etc.

Both women and men are interested in backpacks for their different needs. So, you can easily promote these items to the targeted audience through visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

5. Wristwatches

Wristwatches are very popular right now. More than a billion watches are sold all over the world every year, and this number keeps rising. There is a diverse range of watches being sold, and fitness tracker watches are one of these. These types of watches track your fitness levels through in-built software.

Most of these watches connect with your smartphone to provide you with your activity details, heart rate, distance walked/run, etc. You can easily sustain yearly sales with a specific watch store while adding seasonal accessories will increase your overall sales. Again, visual platforms like Instagram and Facebook are the most popular channels to promote and grow your online watch store.

6. Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is growing in popularity. It's a premium variation of green tea. Matcha is a high-end tea created from top-quality green tea leaves ground into very fine powder. Since you actually consume the entire leaf as opposed to regular tea where you just steep the leaves in hot water, you get a much healthier drink. Similar to green tea, Matcha tea can also be used as a flavor or infusion in many other products.

If you are looking to sell premium tea, then matcha tea should be the perfect choice for you. You can sell this product for high margins making decent profits on each sale.

7. Coffee Scrubs

We have already covered the tea products like matcha tea in our trending products article, however, it's also time to mention tea's arch-rival, coffee. You can sell coffee as is, but there's a new twist added to this classic product. Coffee scrubs have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years and continue to grow with each passing year. Coffee scrubs are used for body and face and provide a lot of benefits for the skin. This is a premium product often sought after by skin-care aficionados.

You no longer have to only think about selling coffee, you can branch out into the skincare industry by selling coffee scrubs as premium items on your store. Even standalone stores dedicated to selling similar types of scrubs can make decent profits if executed right.

8. Bamboo Toothbrush

People are actively looking for sustainable alternatives to common products that they use in their daily life. These products include toothbrushes and a highly sustainable and environment-friendly alternative to a regular toothbrush is the bamboo toothbrush.

Even though this product is a new introduction in the industry and hasn't gained enough popularity yet, so obviously there's still time till it reaches its peak which means that you can jump on the opportunity to sell this niche product. Getting in on the bamboo toothbrush trend early means you can make a big profit when the product gains momentum. You can also look into other "zero-waste" products to see what else you can sell alongside bamboo toothbrushes on your online store.

9. Enamel Pins

Enamel pins are one of those recurring trends that continuously come back every couple of years. These have been around for quite a few years now and the trend keeps on growing. /nowadays, enamel pins are trending again because of the ease of customizing these pins according to your own style.

Enamel pins are a great accessory for fashion as they add more style to your bags, jackets, shirts, etc. Enamel pins are also used by large companies, NGOs, political parties to represent what they stand for. This small product holds a tremendous cultural and social significance. To market these products, you need to target specific groups of people like fandoms, pop culture aficionados, and patriots.

There are 60 more trending products that you can sell right now to make great profits. Here is the complete list of 69 trending products you can sell in 2018. The list is constantly updated with new trending products so keep an eye out for any new trends to cash in on.


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