It’s easy to see why video can be a powerful tool to help you sell more programs, products or services. The medium is very engaging and offers a fun way to share your marketing message. It also makes it easy for viewers to get to know you, leveraging the important Know, Like, Trust factor.

To make the most of it, here are nine suggestions to create videos that sell:

1. Keep it short. Most video should be only a couple of minutes, which is enough to connect and get your message across.

2. Be strategic with what you have to say. Write a script that clearly conveys only one main message. Simplicity helps ensure your message will be heard.

3. When writing your script, briefly set up the problem you’ll be solving and use some of the emotional language that taps into your prospects’ struggles. Then share the benefits of whatever program you are selling as the solution for them.

4. Practice your script many times so you seem natural in your delivery and add some emotion to make your point, create rapport and make it more enjoyable to watch.

5. Use good lighting – this is a place where more is better. Also, consciously choose the background to set up the image you want.

6. Solid color clothing looks best rather than busy patterns, which can create a distraction. Try different colors in front of the camera so you know what looks good on you.

7. Insert text to reinforce your point. Use as few words as possible to make it quick and easy to read and remember.

8. Wrap up with a “call to action” suggesting viewers take a specific action. This might be to download your Irresistible Free Offer, subscribe to your newsletter or click the ”like button” for your video.

9. Overlay your website and company name at the end for those who find your video on YouTube vs. your own website.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

Do some research on YouTube to see what other people in your industry have created. This will stimulate your own ideas and also give you examples of what to avoid. Then start thinking about how you can use video to connect with prospects and market your offerings.

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