Have you lived previous lives? About two-thirds of the world’s population believes in reincarnation. Disbelievers reject the concept of reincarnation, though how many of them have investigated the concept objectively?

The “I’m just a hunk of meat with a brain-- no soul” types (typically atheists) completely ignore, or aren’t even aware of, the important reincarnation research done by Dr. Ian Stevenson and other professionals in the field.

Are you skeptical about reincarnation? Good, because that’s better than automatically rejecting or embracing a concept about which you’re not fully informed.

The more you objectively explore the theory of reincarnation, especially through past life regression, the more it becomes harder not to at least consider it as a possibility. You can’t bring back physical proof from past life regression, but sometimes what you perceive, your emotional reactions, and what seem like strange coincidences during and after the experience, will make proving it seem insignificant.

However, even people who believe in reincarnation, even when it’s a basic tenet of their religion, don’t always live their life as if it is valid. It’s unfortunate, because if they did, there would be a lot less crime and people hurting other people in the world.

Does everyone reincarnate? It seems likely, based on our empirical research, but we’re not ruling out the possibility that some people on Earth are not in the usual cycle of reincarnation, for various reasons.

For those who refuse to even consider that the concept of reincarnation might be valid, below is a list of 10 signs you’ve never reincarnated.

1) You’ve never had any natural and unexplainable talents or interests.

2) You’ve never had any unexplainable phobias or fears.

3) You’ve never experienced unexplainable and intense love, hate, like, or dislike at first sight.

4) All your family and work relationships are perfectly harmonious and always have been from the start.

5) You are not naturally drawn to or repulsed by any particular time period, food, tradition, religion, and, or country for no obvious reason.

6) You’ve never been to a city or building for the first time and experienced deja vu and knew your way around.

7) You’ve never had any dreams of being in a different body or speaking a different language in a different time and place.

8) You never felt passionate about a certain cause for no logical reason. Or, you’re not an advocate of animal rights, the poor, women’s rights, or racial or sexual orientation equality, that angrily and sometimes intolerantly, hypocritically and unfairly fights for your cause. Ironically, these unreasonable types see the world as they are, not as it is, and were the type of person in a past life that they point their finger at today. Note, we are grateful and have great respect for those who work fairly, peacefully, and diplomatically for equal rights for all and for those who crusade to make this world a better place.

9) You’ve experienced past life regression more than once, suspended your skepticism enough to allow the process to work, and followed all the directions of the practitioner or MP3, yet you did not perceive anything at all, during or after the experience, that might indicate you soul has lived before.

Did you agree with all of these? If so, go ahead and behave as if you will not be held accountable for your actions. After all, there’s no such thing as reincarnation and karma, right?

“Whether or not we believe in survival of consciousness after death, reincarnation, and karma, it has very serious implications for our behavior.” Stanislav Grof

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