Great!!! You are now promoted as a leader. Well congratulation; however does your job end here? To be precise no it is just the beginning now is when you start. It is very simple and easy to monitor and track your own growth and completely vice versa when it comes to managing or handling other especially your subordinates who report to you. Your motive should be to execute effective leadership and for that you need to aspire to preserve a leadership role that too successfully. For that you have to be good enough in your management skills and in influencing and motivating others or your team to achieve the goals and objectives assigned to your team and you.

Becoming a leader needs a lot of practice not everyone is a born leader, however this art can be mastered with a lot and lot of practice. You start with you need to understand your responsibilities and your effective leadership role. As a leader you need to make a better choice not for yourself but for your team and its betterment. By improving your management skills with time and by continuously working on yourself as a leader you will with time become an effective self made leader.

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