One herbal supplement that has been making the rounds and winning the hearts of people is Kratom. It is slowly becoming popular all over the world for its distinct properties to improve the overall health and wellness. Though Kratom has not yet been analyzed and decoded scientifically, people just love this herb as it works better. No matter what health condition that you might be dealing with, you can consume Kratom as it could serve as an effective complementary treatment. Before you just start using it, make sure to talk to a doctor about the herbal supplement and then go ahead with it. But if you have already made your mind to sue this herbal supplement for your health, then it is important to ask yourself these questions so that you get to know about Kratom better.

Is Kratom legal at your place?

At the federal level, Kratom is said to be legal in the United States. This status holds good for present and it might change with time. Hence, you will have to do your research every now and then and keep yourself updated about the legal status of Kratom. But the federal law could differ in different states and there are a number of states in the US that have restricted the use of Kratom under their jurisdiction. Some states are also planning to put an hold on this herb with time. So, start doing your own research and make sure the plant product is legal in your place. Using a product which is illegal at your place might put you in a hard spot.

What does Kratom do?

Kratom’s working resembles a lot like the opioid. Hence, it is mostly used for pain, anxiety, mood improvement, alcohol withdrawal and others. The process is a bit different as it binds with the delta and mu-opioid receptors. The levels of serotonin and dopamine are also increased with just few grams of Kratom. Being a very strong supplement, it is mandatory that you use this product with care.

Is Kratom safe?

Though it can be compared to the opiates to some extent, Kratom’s interaction process is very much different from that of the opioids. Kratom in general is very safe to use but you will have to make sure that the right doses are taken. It all depends upon choosing the right strain and also it is important to select a reputable Kratom vendor for safety. Ask for the lab results from your manufacturer to learn about the potency and safety criteria.

What is the most common dose?

The dose always depends upon the strain and you will have to make sure that you take in only less doses to start with. 2 to 3 grams are often considered to be the threshold for common doses. Start with low doses and then gradually go up the ladder to see how your body responds to the change.

Are there any side effects?

With all supplements out there,
there might be some side effects which cannot be avoided. Kratom when used the right way do not lead to side effects but in most cases, the common effects like mouth dryness, numbness, aggression and delusive thoughts can be seen.   

When is the right time to take Kratom?

Kratom works better when it is taken during empty stomach or less empty stomach. People who are beginners need to keep their meal light during Kratom consumption. It might take some time for people to adjust and you can increase or lower it based on the response.

Can Kratom lead to addiction?

Just like an opioid,
Kratom can lead to addiction in its own way. This is why it is important to keep track of your dosage and also rotating the strains with time can save your from addiction.   

Can Kratom be taken while driving or other activities?

Kratom is known to possess sedative effects and hence, using it at high doses can lead to sedation. In these cases, you will have to be careful and not indulge in any hazardous activities.

Can interaction happen with Kratom?

Kratom does interact with certain stimulants and other drugs. But it is better to talk to a doctor before you start using Kratom.

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