A plethora of factors contribute to hair loss. At times, it becomes difficult to find out the real cause. In some cases, more than one factor causes hair fall. It may become frustrating to dig the real reason for abnormal hair shedding.

Analysis to find the cause of hair loss

Whenever you suffer from hair loss, analyze your life.

Ponder over what all thigs are happening in your life right now.

• Are you talking with your smartphone placed on the ears for hours together? If you are wondering, “does cell phone cause hair loss?” the answer is “yes.”
• Have you just delivered a baby?
• Have you entered menopause?
• Are you constantly stressed?
• Are you going through some traumatic time like death of a loved one, loss of job, family fights, breakups, divorce, legal case, or other?
• Are you eating well?
• Are you sleeping well?
• Have you had a surgery?
• Have you undergone chemotherapy?

The above happenings in life contribute majorly to hair loss.

These two are equally important

Apart from this, your age and family history of hair loss also play roles in your hair condition.

However, as many experts put it, if your diet contains antioxidants and your lifestyle is healthy, you can delay aging of hair.

But, you cannot do much about your genes. Yet, you can invest in good hair care products and avoid your genes playing havoc with your hair beauty.

A lot, say experts, depends on our outlook towards life. No matter what your age, if you keep yourselves well-groomed and healthy and have the zest to live life, your hair will take your cue. They will bounce with life and add to your personality.

Female hair loss

Females go through certain major biological changes in their life. Due to this, they experience a lot of hormone upheavals. Hormone shifts act as reasons for hair fall in female.

Again, you need not fret about your hair loss. Thanks to advanced hair care technology, you can find a slew of new-generation shampoos fortified with all the essential ingredients required for beautiful hair. The products are available online.

So, instead of spending time over pondering, “does cell phone cause hair loss?” act smart. Use earphones. Keep your smartphone at a distance from you while sleeping. Simultaneously, watch your diet, lifestyle and your hair care products.

Don’t forget to take a selfie with your smartphone once your hair retrieve their beauty!

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