When you’re a busy guy with a lot going for you, the time and effort needed to go out, meet women, and take them on dates – never mind the headaches associated with long-term relationships – can seem like such an expenditure of time and effort. Maybe you’d prefer the more convenient type of action that only online sex dating sites can provide.

Fortunately, you’re living in an age when getting it on with no strings attached has become perfectly acceptable, if you’d rather skip the hassle and just jump to dessert.

Online dating doesn’t have to be about meeting the love of your life. It can also be a great way to rack up a steady supply of distractions to keep you busy around the clock. Here are some online dating tips for men just looking to have a good time:

1. Ignore Women Who Aren’t Close Enough to Meet
With your goals of immediate gratification in mind, don’t waste time chatting with women on the other side of the country. Ignore messages from girls who are too far away, and just search in your local area. This might seem like common sense, but men are easily distracted by pretty faces, no matter where they’re located.

2. Look for Clues That She Likes to Have “Fun”
Most women won’t come right out and admit they’re open to casual online dating sex – it’s natural for them to maintain a more conservative appearance, and they might even worry about people they know coming across their profile. Others may not even be admitting to themselves that causal sex hookup is on the menu. So don’t be discouraged if all the hot women claim they’re not looking for one-night-stands or say they’re only interested in serious relationships. Look for more subtle signals. Suggestive photos. Mentions of being a party girl or looking to have a good time. Or anything else that makes her seem wild, spontaneous, crazy, or open-minded. And of course you can tell a lot from the tone of her messages too.

3. Chill Out on the Bedroom Talk
Don’t ramp up the bedroom talk and try to get her hot and steamy via instant messaging just because she seems down. Yeah, this works sometimes with certain girls, but it’s unlikely to be a deal killer if you don’t, and likely to be a deal killer if you do. Even promiscuous girls with the same goals as you will often get scared away if you’re too forward online. Most would rather vet you in person before committing to sex.

4. Show Off Your Body
If you’ve got a ripped body, include a pic that shows some skin in your profile. In your shorts at the beach is a good excuse, and this can set the mood and get their gears grinding. That said, bathroom mirror selfies are never the right answer. A candid looking approach is always the best way. If you can’t wrangle a friend into snapping a spontaneous, shirtless shot of you while petting that puppy, or strumming that Stratocaster, use the timed shot feature on your camera.

5. Drop Hints in Your Profile
Think about the hints you look for on her profile. These are the same types of things you should be doing in yours, only with a male spin. Disclaimers can be valuable. Mention that you’re not interested in women who are far away, just want a pen pal, or are too shy to meet. These statements not only screen girls who aren’t up for it but also implant the seed of expectation. Maintain a “fun guy” vibe throughout your profile, using party pics of yourself with hot women. Most women know a party boy isn’t looking to hold hands over coffee. Say you’re not looking for anything in particular and would rather just meet and “see what happens.” The statement is vague; the meaning is clear.

6. Push for the Meet-up
Spending too much time on the back and forth without moving the interaction forward can be a mistake as it is; for a guy just looking for some action, it’s simply pointless. If you want things to heat up, you need to take it offline as soon as possible. Pretend you’re busy and get her real-world contact details. Force her to say yes or no so you can move on to the next candidate if she’s not game.

7. Break Out the Bottle
Let’s face it, most people aren’t sexually secure enough to move from meeting a complete stranger online to coffee to heading to the bedroom. There are some true freaks online who will talk about sex instantly and deliver themselves directly to your studio, but in most cases, it won’t be that easy. The solution? Liquid courage, of course. A couple drinks at the bar down the street from your place. Even one or two can get you both warmed up enough to escalate. Then you can suggest heading back to your room…

8. Develop a System
Some people don’t like online dating because they feel it’s a big time investment in the beginning, and it can be at first. Fortunately, what works with one girl tends to work well with others. As you see some success meeting and bedding women from the web, turn what works into a system and put it on repeat. That’s how the experts at Personal Dating Assistants do it, and you can create a constant flow of girls this way too. With a significant time investment, effort, and know-how, you can turn your profile into a highly-efficient online dating sex delivery system.

9. Outsource Your Online Dating
If the finer details of seducing women on the internet don’t appeal to your busy life, maybe it would be a good idea to hand the bulk of the work off to someone else. This has multiple advantages. You can get someone on your team who knows the right tactics and strategies to accomplish your “goals,” for one. For another, you can put your seduction on autopilot while you focus on your work or your business. Can you think of a more hassle-free to create an active online dating sex life out of thin air? To enlist the help of our experienced professional dating experts, or get more online dating tips for men.

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