Without a doubt, Apple Watch provides you with numerous opportunities to monitor your health and stay fit. But for turning your time gadget into a health guide, you need to install a few health and fitness apps that will let you keep a proper track of your fitness level.
As these apps deal with confidential health-related data and vitals of users, keeping it safe is the first priority of the app entrepreneurs creating an app.

But nowadays, it's not enough for such apps to be safe. They have gone much beyond that and integrated with Apple Watch not only to convert it into a personal trainer but also transforming it into a health guide who is seriously concerned about your wellbeing.

The real challenge is to find the best iPhone fitness and health apps from the pool comprising several options. To ease it a bit, let's explore nine such apps to nail your fitness goals.

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1. Lifesum: A Digital Food Diary To Keep Your Macros In Check

The primary function of this app is to act as a diet and nutrition tracker and help users monitor their calorie and water intake. The Apple Watch app that comes with this feature lets you check your daily intake of carbs, protein, and fat.

This app can work seamlessly with an iPhone and allow users to go through their meal records and register water intake for every day. During the launch of Apple Watch Series 4, an exclusive demo of this app was included to showcase its worth.

This app offers the majority of features for free but it allows users to get personalized diet recommendations and additional nutrition advice specifically tailored to suit their diet goals only at $3 monthly subscription.

2. Gymaholic: An Ideal Workout Partner

Gymaholic is a comprehensive Apple Watch app, especially for Gym freaks. The main job of this app is to allow users to work out as per their planned schedule in the gym. With the help of this app, it becomes easier for you to plan your work out sessions in advance. Also, it gives suggestions on muscles you need to work and the extent to which you can push yourself.

This app comes with a comprehensive catalogue which is power packed with small demos for every exercise. Gymaholic also gives you reminders so that you can stick to your schedule in the gym.

There is no need for the Apple Watch users who have access to this app users carry their smartphones along. They just need to keep an eye on the screen and get an idea of how to perform a particular activity in accordance with the angle from which you are viewing.
It allows you to record the progress that you make by performing the sets and reps of an exercise in which you have gained expertise.

This app offers a 7-day free trial after which you have to pay $4 per month or $32 per year.

3. Strava: A Smart Activity Tracking App For Athletes

This app is especially beneficial for runners and cyclists because it helps them in recording their movement through the Apple Watch without demanding them to carry their phones. Strava's primary functions include logging workouts from start to end. Also, it displays the time, speed, distance, heart rate, and pace of the user on the screen as they move ahead.

In addition, it provides you with a summary of your workout session and syncs this data seamlessly with your phone. Overall, this app is capable to track eight activities such as jogging, hiking, bike riding, skiing, etc.

The basic version of this app comes for free. But if you wish to set your fitness goals on the basis of additional features and analysis, you can choose to upgrade to the premium version by paying just $3 - $5 per month depending on the plan you pick.

4. MyFitnessPal: A Popular Alternative To Track Your Food & Water Intake Intuitively On Daily Basis

This is one of the most popular diet-tracking apps built to function seamlessly on multiple platforms. But it's Apple Watch version is extremely useful as mentioned across all top healthcare news websites. MyFitNessPal records your daily calorie intake and provides you with an analysis by comparing it to the total amount of calorie you burn through workout.

This app has the potential to classify your nutrient intake into carbs, fat, protein, etc. Because of immense popularity, several third-party apps and services are connected with the app such as Apple Health App, Endomondo fitness platform, and so on. MyFitNessPal offers a majority of integrations and features for free. But you need to pay a $10/month premium subscription for receiving detailed food analysis and report.

5. Streaks: An App To Ensure That Your Form & Retain Good Habits

You can use this app to prepare a to-do-list of the activities that you want to perform on a regular basis so that to stay fit such as drinking eight glasses of water, doing a certain number of push-ups, running a fixed distance, etc.

The primary role of this app is to make it sure that you perform these tasks every day without fail. The maximum number of tasks you can track through this app is 12. Also, you can customize each of these tasks and their specific goals with unique icons and colours.

In order to motivate, the app will also provide you with the detailed statistics showing how strongly you faced the challenge in past. Streaks allow users to log habits or view streaks through the Apple Watch in case the screen of the phone is unlocked.

There is a unique Streaks face incorporated by software engineers to display the tasks that are left for you to perform on a particular day. This app isn't free but for using it there is no need to pay a monthly or yearly price, but only $5 which is a one-time fee.

6. Nike + Run Club: A Complete Personal Trainer

This app is mainly for avid runners but it's not mandatory for them to own Nike edition models of the Apple Watch in order to access it. This app keeps a proper track of your running session and provides you with detailed maps and statistics.

You can also get motivated by listening to audio prompts in the app to help you keep up the pace with the target. Also, you can let your friends record these encouraging prompts for you. As you move ahead Nike + Run Club will provide you with a detailed progress report and coaching plans specifically tailored to suit your own targets and pace.

This is a free app with a simple and intuitive design which allow users to view all the essential data such as coached runs and mapping features on the go right through on their wrist.

7. Pocket Yoga: An App To Let You Smoothly Work Through Your Asanas

This app comprises audio and visual instructions that are extremely helpful in improving the Yoga moves of a user. You can keep a track of the Yoga practices that you have accomplished and monitor your progress with the necessary data gathered through Apple Health App.

Pocket Yoga offers a total of 27 sessions with varying duration and difficulty levels. It allows users to have all the relevant data and features on their wrist so there is no need for them to carry their phone all the time. With the help of your Apple Watch, you can access app's built-in exercise timers. The price of this app is only $3 which you have to pay only once.

8. Swing Tennis Tracker: A Blessing For Tennis Buffs

This app is a perfect companion for tennis lovers as it allows them to find and partner up with other players who are using the same program. Also, it keeps a proper track of the calorie you burn on the court, the speed of your shots, the percentage of first serves, etc.

In order to analyze the data, this app uses the metrics measured by your Apple Watch and not iPhone. You can use Siri to save all the vital match and practice data on your watch. This app can seamlessly connect with people using Apple Watches in the same court so that to keep scores together.

All the data saved in the smart watch can be synced back to the main app once the user is near to the iPhone. The basic version of this app is free but in case you want to avail additional features such as insights on your game or extra stats, you need to buy a $5/month premium subscription.

9. Clue: A Woman-Friendly App

This is a period-tracking app and provides an easy way for women to monitor their menstrual cycle. The Clue also gather significant data about a woman's body and analyze it cautiously so that to highlight potential health-related issues.

With the help of the data which you have registered in the past, it becomes easier to predict the expected date of your next period. This app is the perfect combination of simplicity and smartness.

The basic version of this app is free but in case you want to upgrade and get additional intelligent forecasts you need to pay either $1 for a month or $10 for a year. The upgraded version of this app predicts when in your cycle you might experience cramps and other premenstrual symptoms.

These nine apps are the best companions to an Apple Watch that allow users to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay fit. These apps also remind users to take a break from their hectic work schedule and perform additional physical activities like Yoga, swimming, running, etc.

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