As the only state made of islands, Hawaii is definitely one of the most amazing places to visit. Its climate is always pleasant which makes it possible for people to enjoy their stay at any time of the season. It is also full of any attractions sites and is a full rich culture that will ensure you enjoy yourself and learn about their historical practices. You do not get quality vacation time but you also end up with more knowledge. The nature of the place makes it possible to do a wide variety of activities which can make it impossible to choose one. Some of the things to do in Hawaii therefore include:

Weddings and honeymoons

Hawaii being an island has beaches which are attractive. With the modern trend of weddings by the beach, Hawaii beaches offer the best sites for such events. The Island also has beautiful lodges and resorts that newlyweds can visit for honeymoons. Some of the best resorts that can be recommended to couples in the Halekulani Hotel in Oahu and the Fairmont Kea in Maui. During the honeymoon period, couples can visit other islands in Hawaii such as the Kauai and Oahu which is deemed to be the most romantic island. Oahu is also recommended for those on a low budget as it is cheaper.

Visiting the historical sites

Learning new things is always a good idea and education never really stops. Your trip to Hawaii can be more than just an enjoyable experience since you can leave with some new information. One of the best places to visit is the Arizona memorial which is where soldiers who fought during the Japanese attack in 1941 were buried. The site is located at the Pearl Harbor. The Pearl Harbor itself has its own history which you’re bound to learn a lot from considering it was acquired from the Hawaiian kingdom by the United States. A visit to a museum such as bishop museum is also one of the things to do in Hawaii. The museum has a collection of natural and historical artifacts explaining the history of the region.

Spa visit

If you prefer to stay indoors then a spa treatment is a good idea for you. Hawaii has many spas with excellent services that will ensure you get relaxed and feel pampered. One of such places is the Aulani which is a Disney resort with amazing amenities suitable for your relaxation. The spa treatment at this resort is amazing which will ensure you come out satisfied.

Zip lining and balloon tours

Zip lining is one of the most undertaken activities by Visitors in Hawaii. What is exciting about zip lining is that they run over botanical gardens which offer serenity while zip lining. The longest zip line in Hawaii is the Flying zip line, it is also the safest as most visitors to the place have given it an above average rating. To get a better view while site seeing one can also try the hot air balloon ride which offers a clear view of the volcanoes, waterfalls and the beaches.

Hitting the beaches

Given that Hawaii is made of many islands, going to the beach is one of the most preferable activities; whether you want to just chill out or do something active like paddle board the Hawaii coasts.

There are many beaches to sample including Lanikai beach and Punaluu beaches. The former’ loose translation means “heavenly sea” and has been listed as one of the best beaches in the world. It is surrounded by a friendly and welcoming community that will help you feel at home. The latter I also an amazing beach with black sand which is a result of basalt. This alone is intriguing due to its formation which is lava which is cooled when t gets into the ocean.

Kid’s activities

If you are in Hawaii with your children, they wouldn’t lack some fun activities to enjoy their trip. There can be educational trips such as a visit to the Pacific Aviation Camp where they can get historical footage on the Harbor attack. Kids can visit ranches for horse riding, swimming with the dolphins which are a very exciting experience, then there is the children discovery center which offers educational exhibits for kids. With kids in Hawaii, they would want to sample snacks and one of the famous ones is the icy snow cone which locals know as shave ice. It would be fun to sample the various renditions of it. Riding on a train would be fun for kids along the historic railroad in Ewa.


Hawaii has different types of plants and animals you can learn about as you go hiking. It also has various spots with hiking trails to help you enjoy your time outdoors. Manoa falls, for instance, is situated within an amazing hiking trail and has a diverse number of activities. You can start by hiking then you take a dip at the swimming pool which is below the waterfall when you get there. West Maui Mountains is another great place for this type of activity. It is one of the oldest areas with waterfalls, volcanic peaks and a variety of plants and animals. You could also opt to go biking or walking as you explore the exotic flora and fauna.

Site seeing

While in Hawaii you can never run short of sites to visit. There are the many other Islands to visit such as the Oahu for romantics and the Kauai for swimmers. Above all, the most exciting part about the beaches is the various colors of the sand. Then there is the infamous dormant Volcano which is an iconic landmark. There is the crescent beach which is a sight to behold. Waterfalls can also be pleasing to watch. Hanauma Bay is also a place to visit since there are turtles and parrotfish.

Indulging in nightlife

Hawaii is a place that is not short of visitors, there are vibrant nightlife, foods, and wines to sample in the various hotels. What is more exciting is having a sunset dinner on a cruise with four-course meals. There are also various types of wines to accompany the dinner. For those who love the music they can visit night clubs with DJs. One of the best nightclubs to sample is The District Nightclub in Honolulu which has a VIP Lounge, 12 private tables and a DJ booth for the best music and dance experience.


Although you can take a cruise to Hawaii, you can also find a cruise within the Hawaii islands. This is also one of the best things to do in Hawaii as it allows you to learn about several islands and enjoy the Pacific Ocean. Such a trip may take a few days but is considered one of the most rewarding experiences. Whether you’re an introvert or someone who loves outdoor activities, you will find suitable to do in Hawaii. The resorts and accommodation, the food and the people will all ensure you get the most amazing experience.

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