Vet services are vital for the well-being and health of our pets. However, it can be a huge hassle to drive to and from the vet clinic when our pets become scared and anxious. Fortunately, the recent introduction of mobile vet services has changed all this. Now, all you have to do is search for mobile vets near me and download a mobile vet app.

Once booking an appointment for a suitable time and day, a mobile vet will arrive at your doorstep and conduct the appointment in your own home. This means no more stressful car rides, wrestling our pets into the vet clinic, busy waiting rooms or unexpected treatment bills.

Mobile vets offer all kinds of treatment for pets except when there is a need for hospitalisation. The following are some of the main reasons why mobile vets are growing in popularity:

  • Less stress

Many pet owners find it challenging when transporting their pets to a vet clinic because of the stress involved during the process. Many animals experience car sickness or display outward signs of stress such as barking, panting or salivating while being placed in a car or a carrier.

On the other hand, an in-home vet consultation will often alleviate many unwanted symptoms of stress and anxiety. As per a 2015 report in the Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association, vet consultations performed in the confines of the home resulted in lower readings of blood pressure, body temperature, pulse rates and respiratory rates.

This proves extremely advantageous, particularly with animals that are being checked for conditions such as heart disease or high pressure as they require accurate readings of blood pressure, pulse rate and respiratory rates.

These are also vital for animals that have been diagnosed with diabetes. The process of glucose monitoring and testing at home will help in gaining more accurate readings of blood glucose since stress can impact the readings to a great extent.

A mobile vet service also helps older pets with debilitating or severe arthritis as they can avoid being transported to the vet clinic, which might cause discomfort or injury.

After the consultation, the pet is allowed to leave the room or seek refuge in a safe and secure spot. This is in contrast to the situation in a vet's clinic where after a consultation, the pet is forced to be bundled up in a cage or car while the owner takes time to make payment and then drive home.

  • Reduced risk of transmission of diseases

Pet owners are familiar with the experience of waiting in a vet's office, surrounded by other animals suffering from different diseases. When there is close proximity to other animals, there is an increased risk of transmission of diseases.

Pet owners have no control over which animals around them might be suffering from upper-respiratory infections, have not been vaccinated or harbouring infectious diseases.

Though most vet's offices are kept sanitised and clean, there is still a concern about placing pets on floors, tables and scales in a vet office which other animals have occupied recently, potentially sick animals. In one's own home, there is total control over avoiding exposure to other animals and the cleanliness of the environment.

  • Reasonable and transparent rates

Mobile vet services differ from one another, but the difference in the total cost charged is not as substantial as one might expect. Most offer services are similar to usual vet clinics. Currently, mobile vets have the capacity to provide mobile X-rays and portable ultrasound services.

Also, mobile vets can facilitate taking blood samples at home, administering vaccines, conducting blood pressure checks and offering supportive care such as subcutaneous fluids, antibiotics or anti-nausea medication.

  • Multi-pet households

Most Australian homes have more than one pet. This makes it tough when booking an appointment with a vet for all of them and arranging their transport to the vet clinic. On the other hand, a mobile vet service allows the consultation of multiple pets during one appointment and keeps up the regular schedule of their health check-ups.

  • Special and senior dogs

These dogs find their homes safe and comfortable territory. It is important that they are not exposed to the stressful environment of a vet clinic. Fearful and reactive pets that are disturbed by strange people, animals and scents in the clinic should not be taken there.

  • Avoid waiting time

Many pet owners have busy schedules and don’t have the time to take their beloved pets for regular health check-ups. Getting a vet to come to their home at a time that is mutually convenient lifts a huge burden from their shoulders. Pets also need not spend their time waiting anxiously for a consultation.

  • Individual attention

Many vet clinic appointments don’t provide a large amount of time to be devoted to each pet. When the vet is in a hurry, they might neglect some conditions and signs of the pet. This issue can be solved by using a mobile vet service. The vet comes to the home and spends a substantial amount of time checking every aspect of the pet.

  • Flexibility

When one books an appointment with a mobile vet, there will be lots of choices to choose from. One can enjoy the service from the comfort of their own home and can rest assured that their pet is gaining the best of professional care.

  • Home euthanasia

The time may come when a pet is seriously sick and one has to consider the option of pet euthanasia. Pet owners will want this process to be as peaceful and stress-free as possible. These mobile vet procedures give pets and their owners a comfortable and familiar environment, surrounded by family and loved ones.

They can avoid the stress of transporting their pet to the vet clinic for the procedure or their pet sensing any negative feelings during the trip. Most mobile vets can also deal with cremation services that further remove undesirable stress in a very delicate and emotional time.

In summary, these are some of the main benefits of hiring mobile vet services by searching for mobile vets near me and downloading a mobile vet app today.

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