In our busy lives it’s often hard to get all the nutrients our body requires to stay healthy. It’s suggested you eat a variety of foods in order to get in your daily dose of such nutrients like fiber, protein, magnesium and fat (the healthy ones, of course) but sometimes it’s a challenge to stick to a meal plan and eat balanced.

Well, what if we told you a solution that by simply adding a small amount – no more than two tablespoons – of this superfood to your diet you can boost your meals and make them even healthier! Hard to believe but let us further explain…

The superfood we’re referring to is chia seeds – they can pack a nutritional punch and offer many health benefits.

What are chia seeds?
Chia seeds date back to Aztec times and were found primarily in Mexico. They were used for medicinal and nutritional benefits and added to many meals, and turned into oil and flour.

It wasn’t until the 1990s when American scientists took note of this nutritional powerhouse and now chia is grown in Argentina, Peru, Mexico and Bolivia and is widely available.

Chia seeds grow from a flowering plant and come in different varieties. Don’t let their size fool you though; as in the case of chia seeds, big things come in small packages.

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