No matter how much we enjoy what we are doing in our life and in our business, there are times when we all find ourselves in need of a creativity jump-start. As many of you know, I'm working on a book to be released this Fall. I greatly enjoy the topic and the writing process, however there are days that I find myself, simply put, feeling stuck.

The other day I shared with you how bringing your uniqueness into everything you do can help you get "unstuck." Here is a list of other tactics that you can use when you simply need a little creative jump-start.

1. Bring an object of beauty into the room in which you are trying to be creative that inspires you. Choose an object of art or flowers that you find inspiring.

2. If you are trying to jump start writing or painting a picture, look outside at the landscape or some bright colors to shift your energy and focus.

3. Read words of inspiration. Find your favorite book that inspires you and open it to a random page. Before you do this, ask for guidance and whatever you need to hear for the day.

4. Look at what you’re working on upside down. A new, fresh perspective can get your mind going. So, turn your paper, notebook or picture sideways or upside down and see what new things you notice and what ideas pop forth.

5. Try using your non-dominant hand. When you try to use your non-dominant hand, it engages the other side of your brain and sparks start to fly!

6. Get up and move, stretch, take a walk. Exercise of any kind stimulates the right and left hemispheres of our brain and helps increase our focus and creativity.

7. Be silent. First you might need to allow your chatty mind to wind down. Sometimes the simple act of first making a to-do list helps the mind and nervous system wind down. Then sitting in some type of silence and meditation helps reach that deeper place and stimulates creativity.

8. Dig deep inside yourself and think about what are you passionate about right now. What is your impulse? What is your driving force? What must be said? What are you aching to say or do? What wants to spring forth? Just start writing your ideas and thoughts. Don't try to formulate sentences or paragraphs or worry about punctuation. Just let the ideas flow freely from you. The simple act of not being confined by writing standards can allow many ideas to spring forward.

Leave a comment and let me know what works for you! It may very well help others as well!

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Dr. Jennifer Howard is a licensed psychotherapist, healer, author, relationship counselor, and professional speaker with more than 20 years of experience in helping people make changes in their lives. She’s created a personal development plan and assists people in personal development and spiritual growth through her lectures, workshops, and her upcoming book, Changes That Last. She has offices in Huntington, Long Island, NY, and New York City, is a leading expert on spirituality and psychology, and is a former faculty member of the graduate program of A Society of Souls and has appeared as an expert on numerous national network television shows including The Maury Povich Show, America’s Talking, Rolanda & other national media. She is known for her compassion and wit.

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