(New York , NY )—All successful public speakers know that when it comes to creating a unique brand for themselves, it’s not just about what they say—it’s also about what they sell.

“A professionally ghostwritten book is an excellent promotional vehicle for for motivational speakers, public speakers, business coaches and life coaches,” says Larry Leichman, co-owner of Arbor Books (www.arborbooks.com), a leading ghostwriting and self-publishing firm. "Plus, ghostwriting is fast and easy and it gets the job done--you don't have to agonize about doing it yourself."

Making every speaking opportunity into a sales opportunity is essential for a speaker or coach’s success. Offering products such as books for clients to buy after hearing a talk can increase their revenues and ensure that people leave with tangible reminders of the event.

A ghostwritten book can:

1. Give a speaker or coach real professional polish. In these fields, image can be everything. A published book can go a long way toward showing your clients that you’re more than just a flash in the pan—that your ideas and methods are important enough to put into print.

2. Act as a calling card. Meeting new potential clients? Give them books to get to know you. Chances are, they’ll pass them on to interested friends, creating a chain of referrals that no simple business card could ever match.

3. Upsell, upsell, upsell. Once customers are hooked with your book, they’re more likely to pay for other products or services that you offer.

4. Open doors to mass media. Once you’re published you can shop your book around to TV and radio producers, Web sites and print publications to secure interviews, profiles and attention for your platform.

5. Build your brand. Does the method you’re teaching have a catchy name? Make that the title of your book and it’ll become a household word in no time.

6. Create credibility. “Published author” is still a prestigious title, even in this electronic age. Give yourself immediate authority in your field by putting your name and face on a professionally written and published book.

7. Increase BOR. "Back of room" sales are essential for all public and motivational speakers or business and life coaches who want their audiences to remember their names and want to make some money in the process.

8. Jump start cash flow. Once a book is ghostwritten and published, it becomes a practically self-perpetuating income stream. It’s a bonus that no speaker should let slip by

Ghostwriting might be the only alternative for some speakers and coaches. While many have great insights and ideas to share, they also have hectic schedules--and most just don’t have the time to write a book. So, they hire ghostwriting firms such as Arbor Books to help them.

At Arbor Books, ghostwriting a book is simple. Payments are divided into installments. After the client makes the first payment, Arbor Books matches him or her with a ghostwriter who will produce the manuscript based on regular interviews with the client via phone calls or e-mails or in person. Some clients also opt to provide their ideas via Word documents, audio tapes or videos. As the ghostwriter progresses, work is sent to the client for approval.

Once a ghostwritten manuscript is completed, the client can either look for a mainstream publisher or self-publish the work, which offers immediate gratification and 100-percent control over content and profits.

“Ghostwriting a book is an excellent way not only to increase visibility of your program as a public or motivational speaker or business of life coach but to open yourself up to new experiences and opportunities,” says Joel Hochman, co-owner of Arbor Books.