Having self-doubt is an all too common occurrence for many people. It can rob us of a joyful, meaningful life, and keep our best gifts locked up inside. If your self-doubt and fear stops you from living the great life you dream about, here are eight techniques and processes that can help you break through them.

1. Dream from your heart and write down the goals and priorities that are most important to you. When you give expression to your desires, you take the first step in bringing them out into the world.

2. Activate your imagination by following the path your heart and spirit most want to experience. Daydream, allow yourself to live favorable outcomes to the problems you are experiencing, and feel yourself truly enjoying your own life. Imagination is a powerful process that sets you on a new course to a happier life.

3. Make your dreams and goals a priority by taking positive action every day on the dreams that are most important to you, and on the forward moving steps that your imagination brought into your awareness.

4. Cultivate hope that you can have what you want. It's easy to slip into the fear and doubt that your dreams will never come true. But look for the one tiny seed of hope that you actually can create change in your life - and find a way to protect and nurture that seed until it grows some roots. Continue tending to your dream and watch that seed of hope turn grow into a beautiful new potential.

5. Become your own best friend when times are good, and especially when you're having a rough time. When you are stressed, fearful, or doubtful, do whatever you need to regain mind, body, and spirit balance. Talk to yourself, take yourself for a walk, go swimming, take a bath, drink a lot of water, breathe deeply. The point is, don't beat yourself up when you're down and out, find new ways to lift your spirit.

6. Follow your intuition and trust your gut feelings, inner knowingness, hunches, and intuitive voices - you'll be glad you did!

7. Accept reality - acknowledge your emotions, feel what you feel, and allow your emotional energy to flow up and out. Then step out of the channel of heavy emotions and dare to bring yourself back into alignment with your beautiful dream and imagination of what is possible.

8. Take calculated risks and step outside of your comfort zone. Your risks may not always prove immediately successful, but each time you dare step beyond the boundaries of your current limitations, you show yourself that failure is not the end of anything. It's just a momentary setback. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and find a new way around your setback.

Releasing self-doubt and fear isn't all or nothing proposition, and it's not overcome in one instant. You gain confidence as you look deep within, into your true feelings, and discover new ways to express your truths, values, and priorities. By focusing on what is most important to you and using the tips above, you'll soon be taking new steps in a more confident life.

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