Christmas is a tradition and for many Christmas holds many memories and represents a families origins and roots. You can create a personal Christmas tradition by personalizing your Christmas tree.

The internet has wonderful insights on Christmas decorations including facts like the Christmas markets first began in the 16th century. Dream about how you would like to personalize your tree. Think what would reflect you and your family.

1. If you know your heritage then perhaps you would like to reflect your origins and use decorations that reflect your heritage.

2. Collect decorations that mean something to each one of you. Something special a grandmother loved, or a decoration bought at a birth of a child or birthday, or decorations that signify a special Christmas spirit or tale.

3. Let the Christmas tree record the lives of your children. Each year make an ornament out of anything your child has done that became a delightful memory. It could be his first letter or scratch or a small craft that was much mangled but given to you with love.

4. If you and the family travel a lot let the tree become a record of the places you have visited. A little ornament will tell generations to come where you had been and all the adventures you had in each place.

5. Think about whether you would like tales of Christmas magic to come alive on your tree. If yes, start looking up stories you love and gathering together ornaments that tell the tale.

6. If you are a sports person choose to decorate your tree with a sports theme. Look around for tree ornaments that represent sports of all kinds.

7. If your family has been antique collectors then most likely there will be boxes containing antique Christmas ornaments.

8. Go traditional decorate the tree with gingerbread men, candy canes and other eatables like they used to in medieval Europe and other places.

Christmas is a time for tradition and families. You can make your Christmas tress memorable by being innovative and daring to be different. Worldwide popular decorations include: Snow and angels; candy, cookies, cranberries, and more; rustic themes, sporty themes, and traditional trees with tinsel and lights.

Even when its not Christmas time you should keep a look out for the “perfect” Christmas tree ornament. And if you are dedicated your children and their children will enjoy a Christmas heritage for years to come. Write to family members on both sides of the family and ask them to send you memories of how the family spent Christmas. If any personal diaries exist read them to find anecdotes and mention of Christmas celebrations. And in time you may be able to compile a family history of Christmas.

Traditions are what the spirit of Christmas is about so decide to make Christmas a special non commercial affair for yourself and the family.

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