People are busy and to stay fit they install exercise equipments at home or in the office. One of the most popular exercise machines that helps whittle away the fat is a treadmill. Treadmills are available online in many varieties and according to experts often one can get a high quality treadmill at a discount of up to 45%.

Treadmills can be stored anywhere and exercising can be done even whilst watching television. Here are a few valuable tips:

1. Do your research. Read about treadmills and their pros and cons. The internet has thousands of articles on exercising and using treadmills. Determine from your doctor whether you are healthy enough to exercise on a treadmill.

2. Before you venture out to buy a treadmill make yourself a check list of features you must look for. Examples are: emergency shut off, quality of hand rails, cushioning, safety lock or switch, motor quality and strength, the horsepower, the speed of the treadmill, running surface, inclination, and controls.

3. Read reviews about brands like Smooth, Proform, Nordic Track, and Sole. Dedicated professional websites showcase brand reviews as well as product reviews. Once you locate a treadmill you like check with family and friends what their experience has been. According to estimates exercising using a treadmill can burn around 600 and more calories every hour.

4. Get a lower price by using online discount coupons or special credit card schemes. During sale seasons often a high end treadmill can be bought really cheap.

5. Buy online only from reputed and established sports goods stores. Always comparison shop and find out which online store is offering the lowest price, free shipping etc.

6. Be wise and find out details like return policy, setting up costs, and guarantees.

7. If your budget is low look for a used treadmill online or try and buy one at an auction website.

8. Treadmills can cost between USD 100 –USD 5000 and some have rollers and are foldable while others are stationary. Before you pay decide where you are going to keep the treadmill and how many people will be using it each day.

Read the treadmill literature carefully. Many have pre-programming facilities. In manual treadmills you will have to change the incline yourself. Weigh all the pros and cons before making payment and ensure that you have receipts and the warranties stored safely.

Treadmills are sold by major online stores like eBay, YahooSports , and so on. Read expert ratings and consumer ratings before making a choice. Sites like give tread mill brand reviews too. So shop for a treadmill online armed with knowledge and walk your way to fitness and good health.

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