There are many kinds of life insurance available today. Short term life insurance polices are taken to fill the gap in insurance coverage.

It is important to understand what short term life insurance means. It is for individuals who are in between jobs and need coverage to protect their families. The period is normally for 1-6 months and the benefits and coverage are the same as long term life insurance. Generally short term life insurance is:

• A plan that covers death regardless of cause of death
• Plans that cover only accidental death.

Most people avail of short term policies that cover accidental death when they are in between insurance coverage due to a transition in their lives. Short term life insurance coverage is from USD 50,000 -USD 250,000 and needs no medical examination. Short term life insurance can be bought online and the procedure is quite simple and the policy is generally issued the same day. Premiums for short term life polices are pain each month through bank transfers.

Short term life insurance can be bought online from leading insurance companies:

1. The first step is to find out the various options. The internet has several websites focusing on insurance. Surf the internet and find out what kinds of short term life insurance policies are available and their costs as well as coverage.

2. Use online tools to get multiple quotes and make a comparison of various short term life policies.

3. Find out what the limit of coverage is and what the premiums will be for a short term life insurance policy without a medical exam.

4. Choose an insurance company with care. The company you plan to buy an online short term insurance policy from should be reliable and have a good financial standing.

5. Before making payment for purchase of a short term insurance policy online check whether the website uses secure payment gateways.

6. Find out whether there are any discounts being offered for one time premium payment or electronic transfers of premiums.

7. Find out whether the short-term life insurance policy can be converted into a cash value life policy at a later date.

8. Before buying a short term life policy online make sure the website is reliable and find out what the procedures are in case of a settlement or closure of policy mid-way.

Short -term policies bought online are mailed within two business days. A policy holder can terminate a policy by simply stopping payment of premiums. In case higher short term insurance coverage is needed then the insurance company will request for a medical examination. The premiums are computed based on the personal details provided. Premiums are computed based on age, health, weight, whether the person smokes and so on. People who are in good health, and maintain their weight get short -term life insurance policies are low premiums.

Before purchasing an insurance policy educate yourself on the subtle nuances of short term life insurance and protect yourself with the best possible coverage available online.

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