We love shopping, there's something about it that when we start we can't stop! But how do we know what to buy and if it's gonna fit to our style, wardrobe and where to find it out? Here we fixed some short questionarre to check up when buying new Hoody / Tshirt or Skinny Jeans!

1. Will you wear this new T-shirt / Hoody everyday, or is it one-timer, when you wanna simply look and feel amazing?

2. If it's something for day-in-day-out, which of your clothes will go with it? Simply think of at least two outfits matching garment you wish to buy.

3. Is it one season thing, or will you wear it next year as well?

4. What's the content? Don't buy Poly-mix clothes, as they don't "breathe", loose colour and don't last very long. The best quality clothes are made of natural materials, Cotton, Wool, Silk etc.

5. Is the style gonna feature what's best about you, your hair colour, great hips or flat tummy? To find out more read our Guide "How To Find Your Own Style?"

6. Would you feel natural in this clothes? Would you be confident wearing it?

7. When you're not sure of the style / colour / sizing ask your mates, check Size Guide or simply contact us to find out more!

8. Simple designs, like stripes generally are more universal, you can wear them everyday, with almost anything. If you want a quick update to your wardrobe to give it a big O' YEAH! go for bold, colour designs and styles, that will oomph your outfits!

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