1. To Stay, or Not to Stay: That is the Question

Home renovation can turn your life upside down if you let it. Just be aware that you don't have to stand your ground and fight the upheaval. You can take the opportunity to synchronise a holiday with a home renovation, although you might not want to go too far in case you are needed. With careful planning, a domestic break could do you the world of good and set you up nicely with all of the extra energy required to face the aftermath.

2. Keep Your Valuables Safe and Your Family Safer

Good workmen never plan to break anything, but don't tempt fate by leaving expensive items in harm’s way. All fragile and expensive items should be safely packed away and moved to a part of the house least disturbed by the project such as a garage or spare room. Consider moving them from room to room as the renovation works its way through the building if you don't have the extra space. Perhaps renting a temporary storage facility could be an option.

3. Dust Can Mess with Your Mind and Your Belongings

Dust awareness is key to making the journey through your home renovation smooth and less stressful. Accept that there will be dust and you will make life easier for yourself and your family. Seal food into air tight containers and vacuum pack clothes wherever possible so that they can be easily stored within the home or elsewhere as mentioned earlier. Declare a "dust free zone" where you seal one room and place everything sensitive to dust in there.

4. A Makeshift Kitchen Could be in Order

The room you designate as the clean room could double up as a kitchen. You could put the basics such as a microwave and a small fridge with regularly used utensils close to hand; coffee cups, sugar, milk and bread. For full meals consider take aways and alternate with microwaveable dishes. Lots of fruit will help keep your energy up during the works and help you to avoid snacking on unhealthy options like crisps and chocolate. If you plan your meals a week in advance then you will avoid wasting money on snap decision chinese takeaways mid-week.

5. Store Daily Essentials in Clear Plastic

Packing away daily used items willy-nilly will leave you in a rut and make your morning coffee break a mammoth task rather than a relaxing few minutes. Don't get caught out, pack these items in clear plastic containers and boxes. Position things you will need regularly on the top where you can spot them in an instant. Pack items less used deeper down in the boxes so that the things you rarely use are right at the bottom.

6. An Opportunity to Declutter as You Go

Now make a decision! Do you really need those extra pair of tongs and the extra fine grater that you have never used? Use the experience to declutter and maybe you could get rid of all the things you don't need in the local car boot sale! That would get you out of the house a bit more too.

7. Safeguard Your Expectations with a Contract

You expect something different from each contractor involved in your renovation, so it’s best to agree time frames and finishings with a signed contract. Not only will this give you a reference point for future planning, but also a bargaining tool if things don't go as planned.

8. Always Keep Receipts

Those green lamp shades may have seemed like a great design idea during the planning stages, but considering that you may actually end up with a totally different colour, you might want to keep those receipts. In fact, keep all of your receipts safely in a specific folder until you are happy that everything you have purchased is required and that they work properly. You might not be able to change things like sash windows or a roof lantern, but planning meticulously would mean you’d avoid these pitfalls in your home improvement journey.

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