What are the best ways to get a condo insurance for the cheapest price? While there are building improvements you can make to mitigate some of the risk that could be pushing your condo insurance rates higher, you still need to act within the parameters of your condo corporation. However, there are other ways you can decrease your condo insurance rates that have far fewer limitations. For instance, did you know that your personal habits could be driving your rates up? It’s true; but there are steps you can take to rectify this and, as a result, lower your condo insurance costs.

1. Compare prices: You aren’t locked into your condo insurance permanently, so make sure you compare your condo insurance rates annually before you renew. You may find that there are better rates out there.
2. Keep an excellent credit score: You likely needed a strong credit report to get your condo in the first place, but maintaining and improving that credit report may actually make you eligible for better insurance rates. Limit your spending and pay off your debts, and you may be rewarded with lower condo insurance costs.
3. Get rid of your mortgage: Similarly, you may be eligible for insurance discounts for paying off your mortgage. Look into accelerated payments or add a few extra payments each year to increase your access to potential condo insurance discounts.
4. Discounts for students: Are you a student? You may be eligible for a discounted rate. Some insurers offer discounted student rates to help with the overall student financial situation.
5. Discounts for alumni: You may not have to be a current student to benefit from lower rates. Many of the larger universities, including McGill and U of T, offer graduates an alumni reward that could lower your condo insurance costs.
6. Discounts for members of professional associations: Likewise, there are a number of professional associations that reward their members with lower insurance rates, and this could extend to your condo insurance costs, too. If you are a member of a pilot association, nurse’s association, or are a chartered public accountant, it is worth asking if you are eligible for a discount.
7. Bonus for seniors: Because seniors tend to spend a lot of time at home, their chances of unobserved risks decreases, and that could mean eligibility for lower condo insurance costs. Make sure you let your insurer know that you have senior status so you can be rewarded with lower condo insurance premiums.
8. Address a broker: You’ll get a more thorough and accurate price comparison if your leverage online aggregators or online brokers instead of purchasing an insurance policy from an insurance company. You’ll be able to compare rates from up to 30 providers, and this will allow you to benefit from the best rates available.

So what’s the best way to lower the cost of your condo insurance? By assessing each of the aspects that influences your insurance premium. You can make amendments to your own lifestyle to minimize the risk you introduce and demonstrate your reduced financial risk. Further, you can review and modify your policy to ensure that you aren’t overpaying to receive unnecessary coverage.

We hope these tips will help you when you buy a condo and start the search for the best condo insurance on the market. We at CondoEssentials are ready to help you with getting a great insurance for your condo.

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