Yes, you cannot say no to necessities but what about expensive fashion attire or accessory? If you think just like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City and like your money where you can see it which is hanging in your closet, then you have to go for it. So now the question arises: how can you afford your expensive fashion taste? Will you now have to break your bank for it? Well, not necessarily if you are a smart shopper. Here are a few simple tricks that will help you achieve your dream at an affordable cost.

  1. Create a Saving First:

Going Gaga over latest luxury fashion without really saving money for emergencies is being irresponsible. You should prioritize financial security over fashion and once you achieve that, you are free to explore and splurge in the world of luxury fashion.

  1. Pick Quality Over Quantity:

Picking ample number of cheap cloths is something we do most of the time. When it comes to designer wear or accessories, remember they are costlier and you may not be able to afford multiple outfits. But the benefit you get is that these branded items are made of good quality fabrics and materials hence it lasts for longer duration. Focus on the quality of that product rather than quantity, and you will feel beneficial.

  1. Wait for the Pieces to Go On Sale:

If your heart is set on a seasonal wear, wait for it to go on an off-season sale. You will need to be patient, but during off-season you will get a huge discount on these clothes and actually be able to afford it.

  1. Save for Your "Must Haves":

If you must have an outfit or accessory which does not seem to be going on a sale soon, do not make a hasty purchase decision. Take some time to think before you buy. This will make sure that your purchase is not an impulsive decision.

  1. Do Not Invest on Fast Trends:

Shop at Zara if you wish to invest on a trend which is fast moving. After a certain time period you will have to discard the items you have purchased anyway hence it does not make sense for you to buy expensive luxury items for such trends which does not last.

  1. Mix It Up:

As you cannot afford a number of luxury items, the easiest way not to repeat outfit is to mix it up with regular outfits. You can wear a $20 dress with a diamond studded designer Patek Phillipe 24 ladies watch and still look chic.

  1. Rent Designer Clothes:

Buying party designer outfits is not always economical, as repeating such cloths is not an option for many. A better idea is to rent such cloths which will make sure that you are the most fashion updated personality amongst the crowd.

  1. Do Not Get Influenced:

If you follow social media or are surrounded by friends who can easily afford expensive fashion, do not get influenced by them. Always remember to only spend on fashion what you can afford to pay for.

Remember, a smart shopper knows that all their savings should not be spent on buying luxury items but save some for gray days as well. So, get set to buy items for your luxury list without burning all your savings.


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Narendra Sharma is a Freelancer Writer, Entrepreneur and passionate blogger. A writer by day and a reader by night.