Now you have decided to start your indoor hydroponic garden as you like to enjoy fresh fruits and greens all through the year. Another reason is you are a retired person and gardening is your hobby. You have leisure time and you are enough strong to nurture your home-grown garden easily. So, you are just ready to set up your garden. And you choose this water-based agriculture as it keeps your place clean and free from soil-grown insects and pests. Before you build your greenhouse take a look at the following points.
Top 8 tips to remember before starting a hydroponic garden:
1. Test and adjust pH in your system
Plants absorb nutritive elements from the nutrient solution. If the pH balance is not within the proper range, plants suffer in malnutrition no matter how good the solution is. So, check the pH balance regularly and adjust it with tools like PH test meters and pH adjusters.
2. When you need to use pump timer
Most systems such as Ebb and flow system, aeroponic system, and drip system need a pump timer to adjust the use of water. Different types of pump timers are available in the market. Make sure that you have the right one in your system and it has several features and functions.
3. How often you water the plants
Everybody has a different system. So, it is quite tough to determine how often plants need water. There is no thumb rule but it depends on how you build the system, what kind of growing mediums and how much of them are using, and the types of plants you are growing in your system. Let the plant roots stay wet all the time in your arrangement.
4. Reservoir size
Use an accurate size while choosing the reservoir. If it is too small it can hamper the growth of plants. Determine the size according to the types, sizes, and the number of plants you cultivate in your scheme. You don’t need to feel the reservoir when plants are small. Fill the reservoir when plants get bigger in size and volume.
5. Water quality
Filtered or sterile water should be used to avoid problems. Poor water quality may damage the growth of plants. Tap water, well water, stream water contain different sorts of pathogens, bacteria, fungi, and chemicals. These can be toxic to your plants. Use a good water filtration system or using RO water will be the best startup.
6. Artificial lighting
If natural sunlight is insufficient you need artificial lighting to grow plants. You will get a variety of to grow lights in the market. Collect the best CMH grow lights Perth from a renowned and trusted online store to avoid problems later.
7. Use of sterile medium
Grow mediums such as Rockwool and perlite should be sterile before using. They can contain fungus and other bacteria. Using sterile mediums can lower the risk of damages to plants.
8. Prevent algae and mold
Keep the garden and surroundings clean prevent algae, mold, pests, and other harmful things. Ensure that the reservoir is free from algae and bacteria before using it.
Consider these issues and collect the best quality canna hydroponic nutrients Australia to start your indoor warehouse hydroponically. Purchasing hydroponic tools and equipment always choose a genuine store.

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