Most of the time, we can find adults, especially our moms working in the kitchen. Someone or our moms would usually prep and cook meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as our snacks. If you are going to watch them prepping food, you will even think that what they are doing is so simple. Of course, you would think that way because they had been using the same tools and equipment in the kitchen.

Now, if you will ask them to use a machine that they had never touched since they started their daily kitchen routine, then it would be difficult for them. What I am trying to imply here is that as we grow older, we need to learn how to make changes in the kitchen.

We are now living in a modernized world and in the digital age. So, expect kitchen tools to be more advanced. If you are not going to enhance your skills, then you might find it difficult to follow recipes, using new techniques in prepping. Another thing is that with the modern kitchen tools, you will be able to save much more time in prepping. Anyway, we have here a few kitchen tools that we find essential for a modern kitchen setting.

  1. Colander

If you are very much concerned with your health, you would surely love to have fruits and vegetables on the table. I know that most of you out there usually gather the fruits or vegetables in a basin and then, you wash these fruits or vegetables with running water. If you will notice, dirt is left at the base of the basin together with whatever you are washing, right?

We should change this style. So, why don’t you use a colander and fill it with fruits or vegetables. And then, turn on the tap. If you will notice, dirt is washed away, leaving the colander because it has small holes for them to pass. This is also an ideal tool for those who likes preparing pasta because they may use it to drain them.

  1. Potato masher

A potato masher is an ideal tool for those who loves eating mashed potatoes. If you have this tool in your kitchen, then you do not need to buy ready-made mashed potatoes. Pretty sure that preparing the gravy would be easy because you can find this available in the supermarkets.

  1. Salad spinner

The simplest and most nutritious dessert that you can always prepare at home is a vegetable or fruit salad. After slicing these ingredients, you would surely want to dry it, right? The perfect way to dry these is to use a salad spinner. Using this tool will keep the fruit or the vegetables crisp. Aside from that, you may also prevent it from soggy texture.

  1. Juicer

Instead of buying fruit juice in the supermarket, you should learn how to use a juicer. In such a way, you can get have a natural juice drink. Most of those you can find in the supermarket are usually added with artificial flavors. So, if you have this juicer in the kitchen, then you can surely have all the vitamins that fruits can give you.

  1. Blender

Sometimes, you must learn how to prepare your own fruit or milk shake. It will not actually take most of your time preparing a drink. All you need to do is to cut or slice the fruit in small pieces or cubes. Put in a blender, add some cracked or cubed ice and sugar, if you would like to make it sweeter.

  1. Garlic Presser

Do you know garlic is good for the heart? So, from now on, learn to always prepare or cook food with garlic. Do not be afraid about how the smell stinks on your hand because a garlic presser will do the thing for you. With this tool, you do not need to crush and chop the garlic. You will surely love to have this tool in the kitchen.

  1. Whisk

I am sure that some of you out there would love to have omelet on the table. So, make sure that you will have a whisk in the kitchen. Now, if you know how to bake simple cakes as well as prepping pancakes for the whole family, then this is a perfect tool for you.

  1. Garbage disposal

After prepping the food, most of you would surely just dump it in an open bin or trash can. You have to avoid doing this because this would actually attract insects. Would you like to find ants and flies in the kitchen? Of course, nobody would like to have such in the kitchen. If possible, you have to keep it clean and germ-free, right? Installing a garbage disposal would be very helpful to maintain cleanliness in the kitchen. It needs a power source, so ask for an expert to set it up. Anyway, as soon as you started using it, then you will get used in operating it.

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