Everyone has dealt with procrastination at some point in life. It's human nature to put off the things that they don't enjoy.

But sometimes, procrastination can be a major problem. Sometimes you might be in a positive groove, and then you can barely leave the bed. However, there are things that need to be taken care of, and can't be put off. This is when procrastination has to be addressed.

Here are some tips to overcome procrastination:

1. Take baby steps: Sometimes a task can seem too large and overwhelming. Start out with even ten minutes. You'll find that it will be easier to keep things moving.

2. Take breaks: Sitting down for eigth or so hours a day can be overwhelming, and frankly unrealistic. This is why you need to take breaks during the day. It's good to take a 10 minute break once an hour.

For example, go for a walk, get on the internet, just do something so that your mind can decompress, and you can start fresh at your task again.

3. Make plans: If you don't have a clear plan in mind, then you will lose focus. Give yourself deadlines if needed. You can also see what you haven't completed at the end of the day, when you use list.

4. Find out what's the matter: Sometimes, there is an underlying issue that is the cause of procastination. If you can identify the issue, then you can overcome the procrastination.

5. Give yourself rewards: Beyond taking a break, give yourself a real reward. Giving yourself a treat makes the hard work worthwhile.

6. Have self belief: You'll gain more of a passion for life when you believe that you can accomplish your task. You'll start to move forward in life when you believe that you can.

7. Do your least favorite task first. Getting the one you like least out of the way makes the rest of the task easier to do. It will also give you something to look forward to.

8. Make time for fun task as well! You need to schedule in fun in your day as well! This makes life a lot sweeter.

If you put these strategies into practice, then you will find that in time, you will be able to bust through those moments of procrastination.

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