After getting married and having a baby, you would find that you have less and less time for yourself. You would have less romance with your husband. You would have less sleep at night. If you have a little fairy to help you or have a magic wand, you can make everything work all by itself. Isn’t that great? I believe that’s all we want. Things can be done automatically. However, it is not the way it works in the real world.

Early in the morning, your baby would wake you up because he is hungry. Later on, you can go back to bed and have thirty minutes break until you really have to get ready to work. You need to take your baby to the kindergarten and rush to the office. Maybe there is no traffic jam and you can stop by to have a cup of coffee. If everything works perfectly, you would have a brand new start of the day. If your baby is a little bit sick and in a bad mood, it is not so easy for you to go through that day. Not to mention that you have tons of work in the office. After work, you take your baby back home and keep busy about your household affairs. These probably are the daily routine for most parents.

The fact is that most parents with children under 7 find it difficult to balance their work and family. You need to go through a lot of trial and error to find your work-life balance. That needs practice and efforts. Nobody is born to be prepared and to know how to do it. There are various kinds of parts that should be included like the business, family obligations, school matters, and even exercise. You have to learn to find the best solution and face the conflict when it happens. Here are my tips:

1. Create a to-do list
Every day I create my to-do list and list the date. Both professional and personal tasks should be involved. Every item on the list should be prioritized based on the date, money, and importance. You need to handle it in order. You can also make good use of your calendar to remind yourself what to do on time effectively. For example, you have a business meeting with important customers in the afternoon. At the same time, you need to pick up your kids before 17:30. That requires you to quite focus on your meeting and get things done.

2. Time management
Every day is a busy day. That means that your time is precious and needs to be managed well. Follow your to-do list and waste no time to make all the items on the list get done. Maybe you have a chat and forget about time. Maybe you have a traffic jam and get delayed. It really possibly happens and requires your attention.

3. Original intention
Do not forget your original intention. You would struggle among your family, work, and yourself. When you're too exhausted, probably you do not want to handle anything else. When your baby is too little to communicate and behave, it takes efforts to keep yourself down and deal with this conflict. What you can do is to accept it and get used to it. This is how your life changes after you have a baby. Both your family and work are equally important. There is nothing wrong to go home right after your work. You cannot work as much as you did before you were married. To be with your baby and watch him grow and learn happily is better than anything. Do not miss the phase of growing up. That is not what you can buy with money.

4. Work as a team
Most couples both have to work nowadays. That makes each other’s time pretty tight. You two should work as a good team. On the one hand, try to take care of your baby and maintain his schedules. On the other hand, support each other’s business like partners. You can push and encourage one another. It is very important that you share the responsibilities of the whole family in a fair way. For example, if I am in charge of cooking, my husband would wash the dishes. That would make both of you more pleased and satisfied. Never ask your wife or husband to do it all. Everyone needs a break after a hard working day. Everyone needs to be cherished and appreciated. If you disagree with me and do that, you would put your marriage in danger.

5. Do not burn out
Every day is a challenge. Do not burn yourself out in the beginning. Do not try so hard and worried too much. You would feel exhausted and tired which makes you unable last for a long time. Measure how much time and energy you need. No more, no less. To be moderate is the key.

6. Ask for help
It is very lucky for me to have a helper – a nursery school. I took care of my baby until almost two years old. Then I found a good nursery school and went back to work. Some people would hire a nanny or babysitter to take care of your baby. Some people would get help from their parents or neighbors. It is all right and depends on your situation. As long as you can ease your life and tight schedule, to lean on others is very helpful.

7. Well planned
After you have a baby, you have more things to do and more schedules to arrange. You have to think more and do more. If you would like to have more time with your family, you can find a part-time job to work only a half day. Or you can find a job to work from home. Please read “Work From Home Jobs $100+ Each Month” for more information about it or visit Fiverr to find a job online. It is a good option for you. With advanced internet technology, a traditional job is no longer the only option.

8. Focus on the result
When you are busy with your family and work, it is what you have to go through. After the whole process, your reward must be very rich. You devote yourself to it and have no regrets. That is all it matters.

Finding the work-life balance is more complex than before. However, it does not mean it is mission impossible. Try to find a way which fits you most and the result is worthwhile.

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