If you want to improve your restaurant management then first you need to improve your staff and I mentioned 8 crucial tips to improve your restaurant staff perfectly. Let’s read and note down now!

1. Use a positive speech
To motivate your employees, you need to create a positive work atmosphere: an atmosphere that stimulates employees. But to create a positive work environment, you have to be positive yourself, do not you?

How? For example, if one of your employees did a bad job, instead of blaming him, show him how you would like him to do his job next time! Another example: if your team has not achieved its goals, try to understand why the goals were not achieved and how you could do better next time.

2. Give them special attention
Your employees are your core business: take care of them and get more involved in their work. Keep an eye on them every day. If one of your servers seems depressed, ask them (in private) what is happening. Your employees will appreciate the fact that you care about them.

3. Use Innovative Restaurant Software
As you know we breather in world of technology. So, you need to improve your restaurant management system by using latest technology as your competitors are doing. You must have a smart iPad POS System for taking all orders without any mistake. This is one of the best key secret that will grow your staff experience and also customer user experience.

4. Be human
Some bosses think it is necessary to shout all the time in order to be respected. They believe that if they are vulnerable, they will lose the respect of their subordinates. This is not true! And yes, when you go through a difficult time or your restaurant has problems, talk to your employees (in a calculated way) by letting them know what's going on. They will be able to support you, see you help you and appreciate your honesty.

5. Learn to say "Thank you"
There is nothing more motivating than working in a company with a healthy and harmonious environment. And to achieve this, a simple "thank you" can make the difference! And yes, never forget to thank your employees for being good at what they do. By demonstrating to them how their work and achievements have contributed to the restaurant's success, you will help them understand the meaning of the work they are doing, as well as its usefulness, which will further engage them in the restaurant's life.

6. Show a good example
Can you imagine asking your employees not to be late when you have a habit of being late! NO! Remember that your employees are watching you: to blame them for things, it should be blameless oneself. So show them that you are a great leader and lead by example.

7. Make public congratulations and reprimands privately
Recognizing the good work of an employee in front of all the rest of your team is rewarding for the employee himself but also for the rest of the team! And yes, this one will have a better vision of what you expect from them: they will thus be able to improve.

With regard to reprimands, the strategy to be adopted must be different: if one of your employees made a mistake, call him in your office and explain to him four eyes what he did wrong and how he could do better next time. There is really no need to spread this kind of message to other team members, for fear of embarrassing and creating the opposite effect: demotivation.

8. Offer them your help
To create a stimulating work environment, your employees must feel they can count on you. Take an interest in their personal needs and goals and offer them help. One of your best waiters would like to move to a manager position? Give him the opportunity to take training or help him by writing a letter of recommendation. They will only be grateful to you!

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