The United States might be at the top of the list for being the most diverse country globally. It has just about every type of culture and religion known in the world. In fact, a massive percentage of the population is related to immigrants.

But regardless of that, immigration is a massive issue in the country. The immigration structures of the country keep changing, and it seems like immigrating to the US might become even tough in the near future.

Immigrants in the US are subjected to many things and face court proceedings for various types of reasons. It can be incredibly challenging to win any such case without proper legal representation. That is why you need to find the right Orange County Immigration Attorney to handle your case.

Before getting started with some tips for finding the right immigration lawyer, it might be useful to go over six situations they can help you with. However, you should know that an immigration lawyer handles much more than that.

6 Things an Immigration Lawyer Can Help You With

After going through many challenges and hardships, a person can immigrate to the United States and build a life for themselves. That is why deportation or removal might be among the scariest thing that can happen to an immigrant.

But the deportation can be even more challenging if it's separating families, or the deportee is concerned for their safety or economic challenges when they get sent back.

If you are facing deportation or a loved one is, then getting an immigration lawyer can be crucial during the hearings because you will be less vulnerable.

Asylum is among the common reasons why people come to America. But that application process can be incredibly complicated, and the duration can be months or even years. Moreover, any errors or omissions on a single document can lead to delays or denial when your chance finally does come.

Asylum seekers need to prove that they face harm, violence, or imprisonment in their home country. Generally, a government official will be in charge of gathering all the necessary information from an asylee in one or more interviews.

These interviews are not always easy because the government officials try to filter out the liars from the people how actually need help. That is why the process can get very stressful and emotional while you discuss your personal history with a stranger who is looking for any holes in your story.

An immigration lawyer can protect your rights and help you get proper application process and interviews. They can provide legal and emotional support.

Green Card
The American green card is quite popular. It is the gateway to getting a permanent residence in the United States. While only for a limited time, green cards can provide lawful permanent resident status to qualified foreigners.

However, not everyone can apply for green cards because every individual needs to meet the eligibility criteria. Depending on your current status, getting a green card can be a straightforward task, or it can be incredibly challenging. The processing times can even vary according to the type of application and the location of submission.

Talking to an immigration lawyer beforehand can allow you to find out if you are eligible, see if there are any possible obstacles in your way, and help you with the process. They can also help you sponsor a green card for a loved one.

Being Engaged to a Foreigner
Being engaged to someone you love and getting to marry them is something not everyone gets to experience in their lifetimes. While there might be no objections during your marriage, the United States can reject the visa you need to bring your fiancé into the country.

Even though these visas are readily available, you might need to go through a complicated and, sometimes, stressful application process. Also, keep in mind that these visas are not guaranteed.

An immigration lawyer can help you out here as well by handling the application procedure.

Detained By the Government
If you are looking for help under this category, then you are possibly here for a loved one. When a person is detained by ICE or another federal agency, they don't have much access to legal counsel. But you can still find the right immigration attorney and get your loved one out of the situation as soon as possible.

A good lawyer can develop a proper action plan and protect your loved one's rights during the process.

8 Tips for Finding the Right Immigration Attorney

Is The First Consultation Free?
When you are looking into lawyers, then you might see many of them offering free consultations. That makes quite a lot of sense when you are going through a lot and don't want to pay hundreds of dollars to simply find the right lawyer for your needs.

But you see, a free consultation used to be a show of confidence that a law firm guarantees it is the best. Now, it has become a marketing tactic where the lawyer will provide general information that you can find online for free anyway. That makes it challenging to find the best in a sea of pretenders.

That is why you should check some other things first before going ahead and picking your lawyer with a free consultation.

Look Into Their Areas of Expertise
In your search for the right immigration lawyer, you might come across many attorneys with a wide range of services. Some people are impressed by that because they think that the lawyer must be outstanding. But the truth is, they don't have an expertise in any particular area of law.

That is why you need to look into an immigration lawyer that strictly practices immigration law. You can be sure this way that your attorney has experience in the relevant fields and knows how to handle your case efficiently.

Check Their Reputation
If a lawyer is good, then they will definitely have an excellent track record to show for it. They should be recognized as among the top by their peers and all of their clients.

Many online platforms allow you to read reviews, opinions, and facts about a business. Going through these can help you identify where they stand in terms of reputation. Try to go through as many as you possibly can before picking the right one.

Do They Help People With Your Background?
While the immigration laws are set in general, and the permits are the same for everyone, there can be a few changes in requirements based on a person's nationality.

When you are working with an immigration lawyer, it might be useful to determine whether or not they have worked with someone from your country before. If they have, then they will know the details of all the requirements that apply to you and any other person with you.

If you get a lawyer who uses the general requirements and tries to work things out for you, then you might end up wasting your time and money.

Find Out If They Have Translators
Not everyone can speak English perfectly, which is why there might be a few language barriers from time to time when you are communicating with your immigration lawyer. That is why you might want to ask your attorney if they can speak your language.

Since it is highly unlikely that any lawyer can speak too many languages, you should settle for a translator.

Ask Them for References
After you have narrowed down to a couple of attorneys, you should start getting into the real stuff and ask them for references.

Any lawyer with a good track record will most definitely have a long list of clients willing to back the fact that the immigration attorney is among the best. Talking to a couple of their past clients, asking them how their experience was, and trying to find out what their case was can be helpful.

A Bargain Isn't Always Good
A common mistake that many people make is that they go with the cheapest option available to them. That may not be the ideal choice because there are many average and terrible immigration lawyers out there that can ruin your case.

Some have taken on too many cases, some don't have enough experience, and then there some aiming to make as much as possible with their current status.

If you have to pay a little more money to get the best legal representation, you should definitely pay more. Going with the cheaper option might seem like a good idea at first, but things can go horribly wrong.

Ask Friend and Trusted People for Referrals
Even though you should go through all or at least some of the tips mentioned above, it might help if you can get a referral from a friend or a trusted person.

If any of your close loved ones haven't ever worked with an immigration lawyer, then ask them to tap into their networks and try to get some names. This can help save you some time.

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