Most people see moving as a difficult project, a painful endeavor fraught with problems, sometimes even an overwhelming project. Moving doesn’t have to be difficult, though. Yes, it is a large project that requires some organization, but I’ve moved ten times in my adult life so far, and I can guarantee you, easy, pain-free moves are possible, provided you use the following tips:

  • Plan ahead. A move is a large project, and the earlier you start, the easier it will be. In particular, make sure to start de-cluttering and purging your belongings as soon as you know you’ll move, even if you haven’t signed a lease or have purchased a house yet. Also, start packing as much ahead of time as possible.
  • Double the amount of packing supplies you think you’ll need. In every move I’ve made, I found that even professional movers underestimate the number of boxes needed to pack everything.
  • Plan on paper. Keeping everything in your head is a sure recipe for forgetting an important element of you move, such as a critical change of address or a utility cancellation. I personally make intensive use of checklists to help me keep track of everything I need to do.
  • Plan for the move IN. Most people plan for the move OUT, i.e. pack, wrap furniture, etc., but don’t pay much attention to the move in, thinking they’ll figure it out or wing it. When I move, I know where every piece of furniture will go (and whether it will fit where I want to put it), and where the content of every box will be stored. Do the same, and you can be settled in in just 48 hours.
  • Choose the right mover, and vet them. It’s your choice whether you want to move with friends, use 2-men-and-a-van type movers or go with professional movers. In any case, make sure to vet the moving or truck rental company, and always get several bids – but don’t necessarily go with the cheapest one…
  • Keep all your valuables such as jewelry, with you, including your important papers. Boxes can be lost even by the most reputable movers.
  • Pack an overnight bag that you’ll keep with you. You may not want to dig through several boxes to find your toiletries, bed sheets, medications or a change or clothes once at your destination.
  • Have one box per room that is the “open first” box, and pack in it the absolute essentials you need in each room. This way, your new home can be functional for you within an hour of your moving in, and you can stop unpacking whenever you choose to. This box is also usually the last one to be packed, with the very last things you needed in your former home.

Follow these tips and you’ll have a much easier move than you expect. If you want, you can also enlist the help of a professional, such as an organizer or a life organizer, who can coach you through the process, or use a moving guide book.

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