Cost, experience, customer review, what other factors do we need to filter out before hiring any digital marketing service provider?

So what are the best approaches to hire an SEO company that knows how to build a modern keyword strategy, research about user search intent, create an engaging content marketing plan, plot effective backlinks, conduct influencer marketing plan, has knowledge of Google’s ranking factors, all in all, a company that knows how to create an effective roadmap to measurable SEO success?

It doesn’t matter if you have zero or qualifying knowledge about SEO practices, in the following guide, we will distill the 8 best ways to hire the SEO services provider to put an end to your struggles of hiring the best SEO company. Make note of them to get the best of all.

What to Consider Before Contracting with Digital Marketing Services Firm?

All the 8 factors to consider before hiring an SEO company:

1. Evaluate their SEO knowledge

Since you will be partnering with a digital marketing service provider that would be responsible to craft a personalized marketing strategy for you - that leads to traffic & conversions, make sure to evaluate their SEO knowledge in detail. It takes good optimization knowledge and experience of crafting & implementing the powerful SEO practices blueprint, which brings high returns on every investment. Don’t risk handing over this important task to some newbies, assign it to an SEO company that knows what they are ought to do. Make sure to ask about their knowledge on:

=> Technical SEO
=> Local SEO
=> UX related SEO
=> Off-page SEO
=> Social media optimization

Make sure they work in all the above spheres and offer a comprehensive strategy to meet your revenue-driven end-goals.

2. Have a 360-degree view of partnering digital marketing company’s website & other digital assets

To evaluate whether the partnering digital solutions company would be the right choice for you or not, inspect their complete website. Their websites would tell you a lot about the efforts they make, the explicit solutions they deliver, to what extent they would be willing to walk towards for your brand. From there on, you will know that “yes they are digital solutions enablers, who could help in your purpose of driving your business on the online front”. On their website check for these key components:

=> Their exact value proposition in the form of digital marketing services.
=> Their past client’s testimonial.
=> Their case studies & success stories highlighting their diligence of meeting prior clients’ needs.
=> Their presence on search engines - to know if they have their roots over the digital platform on which they should.

3. Should know how to host you with great customer service

Wouldn’t you be taken aback by a digital marketing company that lets you undergo a poor client handling process?

It is better to hire a marketing company that keeps the customer handling process to be streamlined and of high priority. Wondering how to magnify the company’s attention to customer service? You can evaluate the following things that will speak volumes about the hiring company & will let you know whether they patronize customers to the best or not:

=> They will remain honest about their team composition and would inform you about the team that would be specifically deployed to work on your needs.
=> They will sit through to understand your business’s current complexities and will show great patience to understand and correspond to them.
=> They would themself present some propositions and answers to your queries and concerns (before you even speak about them in-depth).

In short, they will show great resilience, attention, affirmation, and dedication while taking over your requirements.

4. They should offer you distilled and realistic offerings

100% rankings in two days or overnight? Did your SEO services company sell you that? Don’t buy that.

Do not fall prey by hiring someone who does not only promises fake outcomes but outcomes that are next to impossible. Whether you know or not, SEO is not an overnight process, the search engine’s algorithms regularly change and it takes a certain time duration (could be 6 months, year or so…) to experience the tangible ranking results.

Search engines are unpredictable and to establish your brand in terms of search engines, it might take longer than you think. Hire a sensible company, that knows of such things and do not out of the blue offer you such wondrous yet fake things. A diligent marketing company would know:

=> They would know how to audit your business website first to identify the complexities you are in the middle of right now. And they would make a detailed marketing strategy that’s necessary for your website to stay afloat.
=> They will chalk out the plan of action in a clear and real way to you and would give a hint of what all results you can expect to see around.
=> And they would not leave your sight until you don’t start driving the tangible results matching your expectations (which could be - leads, brand building or combination of both).

Don’t fall prey to scammy firms who are unsure of what level of understanding it takes to optimize websites for search engine visibility. Hire someone who knows how much of a dedicated and patience involving task it is to drive a website for retracting the converting leads, followed by wealthy ROIs.

5. They should know to build a personalized marketing strategy suiting to your brand/business/industry

SEO practices are nothing like “one-size-fits-all”. They vary based on each business website. A local store looking for online customers would need a different marketing strategy than a business that has a global business widespread. There, your partnering digital marketing service provider should know how to deliver customized solutions to fulfill your unique business concerns & needs. It takes a professional & experienced digital marketing services agency that knows how to draw a personalized strategy for your brand. That knows how to:

Audit your complete website and your vision statements to frame a dedicated & unique marketing strategy.
Present you a proposing marketing plan, drawing all your business concerns and an effective roadmap to solutions that would treat those concerns.
Prepare a marketing strategy or a plan highlighting the implementation timeline of each SEO activity along with the hours to be spent on each activity.

6. They must have a custom pricing plan to meet each business’ cost constraints

Since all companies can’t make peace with the same marketing strategy and planning, the cost bifurcations for each business’s marketing is definitely going to be different. Look for an SEO services agency that offers a custom pricing model according to your investments. And even in their divided pricing plans, they should host you the same quality results.

Go to neither an SEO company that offers very minimum pricing plans nor for a company who extracts millions to meet your purpose right. A quality digital marketing service provider would discharge bearable prices from your pockets along with an explanation of how worthy of such investments is going to be - in terms of the returns or amount of benefits you will get in return by having the right allocation of their marketing services.

7. They won’t /should serve you with black hat SEO techniques

If your partnering SEO services are indicating you towards the black hat SEO practices, clearly back out. How to know you are being served with the black hat SEO techniques?

=> Black hat SEO techniques would resonate with the actions that claim to improve your rankings fortnight.
=> It is a set of techniques for messing with the search engine guidelines to get the temporary rankings and positionings. But this is not a fair practice, in the coming time, your website could face a severe backlash from search engines.
=> If some digital marketing company promises you to deliver results in an insanely impossible amount of time, know they are not up to white hat practices. To know of your partnering digital marketing service provider’s genuine services, make sure to ask for a detailed catalog of services/activities they perform and ask for some reference to those activities they have performed before.

Black hat SEO may seem wondrous at first, but down the line, it severely affects your website’s presence and wipes out your website completely from the search engine’s index.

8. Ensure to check their widespread market presence

Before trusting some SEO services provider for your widespread market presence, make sure you ensure to check theirs. In such a case, you can Google the company ‘s name and see how many authoritative pages their website has set up its base upon, apart from its website page.

You will see a lot of other pages apart from their website signaling towards:
=> Popular review sites like Clutch, Good firms, Glassdoor
=> Forum or Q/A communities like Quora
=> Social media handles like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more
=> On article & content posting sites like Medium

There is nothing like a minimum or a maximum number of additional websites links a website must have, it is just, “more the merrier”. And all these links show that your partnering digital marketing services agency works hard to prove its existence and take deep measures to stay updated.

Bottom Line!

Upon considering these discussed factors, you will have great help in landing upon your dream digital marketing services agency. So take time and educate yourself on the above points to stay protected from the delusional agencies and only invite the digital marketing agency to work with that knows - how to meet your future goals with full determination, knowledge and best-in-the-house tools/practices.

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