If your business is just getting off the ground, you need to build your subscriber list for marketing from zero. This list will be used for email marketing and direct mail. Here are eight easy ways to start off with a bang!

1. Put your previous business contacts on the list. Even if you are doing something completely different, colleagues will be curious how and what you are doing.

2. Add your holiday card list to your list. Let your friends and family know what you are up to as well. They are likely to be supportive so don’t miss out on sharing your news with this close group.

3. Once you join a few networking groups, adds those contacts to your list. If you are in BNI, the group likely hands out the member list at each meeting. Be sure to get their permission first before adding them!

4. Look for speaking opportunities and ask the audience if they want your irresistible free offer by email. That will encourage them to provide their contact information. Send around a clip board so they can sign up.

5. Offer the same irresistible free offer on your website. This will help you capture the contact information from visitors by giving them a reason to share it with you. Make the offer available on a special landing page or your home page.

6. Offer free teleclasses and distribute flyers at BNI and other networking groups. Remind BNI members that if they share the event with colleagues who attend, this counts as a referral! That will help motivate and engage your members.

7. Announce your free irresistible offer and free teleclasses on Facebook and LinkedIn which will drive people to your website to register. Keep in mind that you‘ll need a special web page for the teleclass sign up.

8. In your newsletter, ask people to spread the word and share your ezine. Don’t be shy. Just put your request in there and you’ll be pleasantly surprised that many readers will follow through.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

Create your newsletter and get the first one ready to send. Regardless of how small your list is to start, get in the swing of writing articles and putting them into the format that works with your email service. Take time to create a catchy newsletter name. If you sit down for an hour and brainstorm topics, you can come up with six months worth of ideas in just one sitting!

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