Are you looking into reducing your carbon footprint by making some contribution towards preserving our mother earth and the surrounding atmosphere? Here are a few simple tips that when implemented in your home can make some difference.

1. Use LED Bulbs:

This is the basics of energy saving which is replacing all your filament bulbs with LED lights which save humongous power over it. They are not just eco-friendly but also pocket friendly as they last longer.

2. Check Your Appliance Ratings:

The electrical appliances you use at home together consume a large amount of power. We all are aware that power generation is done by using resources that are non-renewable most of the time affecting the environment. It is important to conserve energy by selecting appliances that have higher energy efficiency for environmental benefit.

3. Use Cold Water Setting to Wash Clothes:

Majority of the energy used by the washing machine is towards heating the water. You can always skip the heating stage and adjust the setting to wash your clothes in cold water instead. This is also beneficial for your clothes as hot water is not good for colorful cloths. Use hot water option only when you need to get rid of oil or stains from your cloths.

4. If Possible, Skip The Dryer:

It makes sense to use the dryer during the winter, but during summers, you can always dry the cloths outside. Line drying is also good for your fabrics and drying them in sun will also ensure that the cloths smell fresh.

5. Insulation is Important:

The HVAC system in your home needs to work more if there is no enough insulation, which causes heat loss. Make sure to insulate the doors and windows well. You can also use thick curtains which will help in keeping the heat or cold outside. Another way of conserving electricity and still heat your home more efficiently than the central heating system is by installation of log burners, which use a sustainable source of energy hence is environmentally friendly.

6. Use a Smart Thermostat:

It goes without question that you should install a programmable thermostat which can help in optimizing the cooling and heating hence reducing electricity consumption. A smart system is also an effective way to optimize your HVAC usage, as you can remotely control the settings even when you are not home. Turn the HVAC on 10 minutes before you arrive so you enter a comfortable home instead of reaching home and blasting the system at maximum capacity, which will consume more power.

7. Maintain a Home Garden:

The easiest way to conserve environment is by planting trees. Hence create your own mini garden in your backyard. If you do not have any gardening space, you can always use pots to plant herbs and plants and do your bit in reducing your carbon footprint.

8. Become Smarter in the Kitchen:

A simple habit change in your kitchen can make a reasonable difference in time. For example, prep meals in such a way to minimize food wastage. Switch from pod coffee maker to drip coffee maker as the pods used in the pod coffee maker piles up in landfills every year. The drip coffee maker used coffee beans directly, which is more environmentally friendly.

During winters, a two in one way of heating your home as well as cooking is to use a wood-burning stove. These wood burning stoves use logs to create heat, which is a sustainable source of energy, hence more economical as well as environmentally friendly.

The Bottom Line:

If you are wondering how doing these simple changes will help in improving the environment, well imagine how these small contributions from each family can overall help in conserving our environment as a whole. Hence, spread this awareness amongst your friends and families so that more and more households join hands to reduce their carbon footprints.


Author's Bio: 

Narendra Sharma is a Freelancer Writer, Entrepreneur and passionate blogger. A writer by day and a reader by night.