Regular maintenance of your building is important if you want to keep your business thriving and safe for your employees and clients. Watching closely for signs that your building needs maintenance will help you stay on top of all the required repairs, replacements and upgrades that will help ensure a better work environment. Here are some telltale signs that you need on-site maintenance at your business.

Flickering Lights

Lights that flicker might just indicate that the bulbs in your fixtures need replacing, but continuously flickering lights could mean that you have an electrical problem. Damaged or faulty wiring and other components of electrical systems can sometimes cause lights to flicker, which can be a warning sign of a bigger problem. It’s best to have your electrical system inspected by a professional if you notice this problem regularly so that the appropriate maintenance solutions can be implemented to lessen the risks of electrical fires or other problems that could put your building and all occupants in harm’s way.

Insufficient Drainage

If you notice that water isn’t draining properly in sinks and toilets throughout your building, the problem should be investigated. There may be problems with your plumbing fixtures because of poor drain maintenance, or there could be problems with the sewage line. Other indicators of poor drainage include water stains in the basement, puddling water and mold or mildew growth. If you have gutters on your building, you should also have them checked to ensure they aren’t clogged or faulty in any other way.


Small cracks in walls, ceilings and other surfaces can form because of minor maintenance issues, but there is sometimes a more serious problem that’s causing these fissures to form. As states, soil settlement could be the problem, and this often causes a building’s foundation to sink or shift out of place. Cracks can also form when insulation throughout a building is insufficient. The plaster on surfaces may also be coming loose from surfaces because of old age.

Unusual Smells

Foul or otherwise unusual smells that can be smelled throughout your building shouldn’t be ignored. Some odors indicate that there are serious underlying maintenance issues that should be addressed. The smell of something burning often means that there’s an electrical problem that could spark a fire if it’s left unattended. Mold and mildew growth that can grow inside walls and other areas that are hard to see can often produce unpleasant odors.

Interruptions in Airflow

If you notice that the air conditioner or heater that’s used to cool or heat the inside of your building stops suddenly and then restarts again other than at the planned times, you’re likely experiencing mechanical problems with either of these appliances. A burner flame that’s yellow in color is another sign that commercial boiler maintenance in Lehigh Valley or your particular locale may be needed. Other signs to watch for included rusted flues and moisture build ups on ceilings, walls and windows.

Air Drafts

Any air drafts that you notice throughout your building could mean that the edges of your doors and windows aren’t sealed properly. New weatherstripping material can be placed around doors to keep cold air drafts out of your building. The caulking around your windows might also need to be repaired or replaced if it’s damaged and allowing cold air inside your business.

Uneven Floors

Floors that show bowing, sagging or other types of unevenness usually have underlying maintenance issues that are important to address. Having floors that are uneven can be hazardous when people try to walk across them. The unevenness is sometimes caused by unstable soil that results in building foundation problems. Other components that support your building’s structure may also be faulty and need maintenance work. Poor waterproofing can be another cause of uneven floors.

Increased Utility Costs

Your business’s utility costs are expected to fluctuate throughout the year, but any dramatic cost increases that are out of the ordinary can mean that maintenance issues are to blame. Some of your appliances or other machinery may be left running or not being shut off completely without you realizing. The increase may also be the result of old or damaged appliances or poor ventilation.

Getting the proper maintenance for your building can help your business function better. Addressing all the needed maintenance concerns can also ensure better safety throughout your premises.

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