What is it that interests modern enterprises or businesses to adopt video conferencing solutions or software? Technology is making it easy for people to connect through face-to-face meetings for dispersed teams. Video conferencing is a crucial part of doing business in the 21st century. It enables complete visual collaboration with clients and colleagues, anytime, and anywhere. Furthermore, video conferencing saves on time, money, and enables –

• Enhanced communication
• Better relationships
• Hassle-free virtual meetings
• Team satisfaction
• Enhanced competitive edge

Video conferencing has improved service quality for an organization, and expand the reach of a company. Here are a few use-cases or sectors that can leverage video conferencing.

Small and Medium-sized businesses –It has been recorded that more than 40% of employees in the US work at least some part of their week in a remote setup. Video conferencing solutions help SMB’s an opportunity to hire a remote workforce and collaborate with teams regularly.

Educational Sector – Schools and teachers can use video conferencing to make classes available for a broader student group. Instead of attending physical classes, the course can be handled virtually through lectures and discussions.

Healthcare Sector – The healthcare sector can enable video conferencing to facilitate telemedicine. Improving doctor-patient through video conferencing helps detect symptoms better & make an accurate diagnosis.

Video conferencing has been adopted in various other sectors viz. AEC, Real-Estate, etc. as well. Everyone who is required to be there for a meeting can be there, and it is easier to achieve productive meetings at any place or time.

We’ve identified the top 8 benefits of video conferencing that businesses should experience.

Helps people save effort, time, and money.
For far-flung teams, video conferencing solutions enable distributed teams to get people in one place. For distributed teams, attending meetings is an expensive and time-consuming process. Top video conferencing software like iFMeets helps save on time, money, and effort, and stay connected.
Mitigating procedural mistakes.
Communication and collaboration are crucial to making sure everything is streamlined and runs smoothly. Running into mistakes can result in costly errors & business miscommunication. The best video conferencing software helps teams collaborate, ask questions, take feedback, etc. and confirm everything stays on track.
Augmenting business productivity across the board.
People become more productive when they can gain complete access to information, resources, and guidance without any interruptions. Video conferencing software helps businesses achieve key connection points that make sure your business meetings run smoothly.

Teams respond well to video conferencing software.
Video conferencing has shown to enable employees and teams to leverage a better work/life balance. With a work from home setup, employees feel more settled, stable, happy, and healthy within the enterprise structure. Top video conferencing solutions help employers retain employees better, and improve the retention rate.
Leverage flexibility to deploy remote teams effectively.
With video conferencing, businesses can deploy remote teams for field operations and personnel. Without this collaboration technology, field teams would completely be isolated or cut-off from business best practices. For modern enterprises, video conferencing solutions make it easier to leverage the flexibility of remote teams. With more than two-thirds of enterprises working with remote teams, your company needs to adopt a video conferencing setup as well.
Achieve better and streamlined communication.
When information is planned and structured, it becomes easier and clearer for project participants to follow. For large-scale meetings, video conferencing helps enable multiple participants to deliver multiple viewpoints. Rather than getting lost in a myriad of perspectives, meeting hosts can structure information & communicate effectively. With digital agendas, whiteboards, screen-sharing, meeting recording, breakout rooms, and other comprehensive features, every meeting participant can stay on track, fuel productivity, engage virtual meetings, etc. The outcome is a far-more flow of streamlined communication with everyone’s point of view is considered and stays on track.
Target authentic meeting engagement.
An engaged team can deliver much more in a virtual meeting. Employee and client engagement are key business targets. It is better to engage in meeting participants through real-time HD face-to-face communication or collaboration through premium video conferencing software.

Get things done quickly & effectively with showing, and not telling.
Picture a scenario wherein your team is working on a new product, and your team hits a technical snag. You quickly send a report or draft to the head office, but it stays unread, or no one has a solution to the snag. Days pass by and nothing gets done. But, deploying video conferencing software helps mitigate such challenges, and turns them into opportunities with quick virtual meetings, HD screen-sharing, presentations, annotation, and a myriad of other features and tools. The power of showing, and not telling paints a bigger and clear picture for the whole team.

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If your enterprise fails to adopt a good video conferencing solution, then you’re missing out on powerful tools & features. Video conferencing makes meeting recording, screen-sharing, audio and voice calls, agenda-based meetings, webinars, etc. makes it as good as the real thing. It is important to include yourself in the category of digital collaboration to achieve unprecedented levels of insight.