Whether it is a local consulting business or a small-time café, companies are always looking to increase their business opportunities without having to spend excessively. Here are 8 result-driven marketing strategies small businesses should consider –
1. Objectives and a Proportionate Budget
The primary step in marketing is outlining the overall yearly objectives and planning your budget accordingly. The planning process is extremely crucial as this is the time when the marketing managers need to prioritise on matters such as whether or not the company should focus on extending its reach or focus on maximizing local publicity? Are you after brand awareness or sales? Setting a clear strategy and focusing the budget on these efforts massively help.
2. Network
Be proactive on LinkedIn - join groups and chat forums and take up initiatives. This will enable you to grab increasing number of opportunities.
3. Don’t Be a Jack of all apps, instead be the master of one Social Channel
Finding success on social media can be hard, unpredictable and exasperating, particularly when the marketing administrators are trying to deal with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, etc.- all at the same time. It’s problematic to determine the success rate, hence, it is ideal for small businesses to create their niche first in one social channel and only then expand into other channels.
4. Email Marketing
Email marketing is the cheapest and most effective way for small businesses to establish a brand presence in the local market. It is also a greatway to establish loyalty amongst one-time customers.
Sending a weekly newsletter that includes something attention worthy of the target customer, apart from regular information about the company is a great way of establishing a cordial bond with the customers.
5. Invest in a professional SEO team
Investing in an effective SEO team that can conduct keyword research plans is very important. SEO companies can shape the way how a small company is received in the digital space. From guaranteeing google clicks to making sure your company website is highly rated – SEO plans are crucial for a company to be successful with digital marketing.
6. Share Knowledge
Be it a YouTube tutorial, a webinar or a simple blog– when companies share their expertise on important matters concerning their industries, attendees and participants are bound to be attracted to the brand.
7. Make the most of on Google’s Local Listing Features
By simply creating a Google My Business account, controlling the vital information about businesses becomes easier. Just with one search, users can find important information such as –
 Hour of opening, hours of operation
 Official Address of the company office
 Contact number
 Website
With local search ads, your company can also appear directly on Google Maps as well. This is indeed cheap and highly effective digital marketing.
8. Survey, Listen, Learn
Feedback regarding the sale is as important as the sale as it helps the company better itself for the future.
In this era of aggressive competition, marketing can be really expensive, but with these techniques even the smallest business can compete.
Marketing strategies are as important for small businesses as for big ones. Hence, to remain in competition, small businesses should consider some result-driven strategies like email marketing, investing in the services of SEO professionals, utilizing Google’s local listing feature to the fullest, sharing knowledge over tutorials and blogs, and so on.

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Reshali Balasubramaniam
Head of HR, HR Counselor and adviser at https://work.lk/. Do you offer a Service? Signup for an account at work.lk