Have you ever wondered why some men are not eager to get married? Have you ever come across someone who has all what it takes, but not willing to settle down with a partner? Have you ever wondered why some men decide to be running after many girls at once?

Whenever you come across someone with any of this kind of trait, know that they’re many things that influence that behavior which am going to explain in this article.

For example, if you’re with someone whom you believe is resourceful and able to take care of a family but at the same time does not want to, then you have to know that either they have a reason for escaping away from it or something is hindering them.
8 reasons why men are not eager to get married
Before I give you some of the major reasons behind men’s actions towards married, I also want you know that these reasons apply to majority of men but not all because some men naturally don’t abide to the idea of marriage especially settling down at an early age.

1. They can get sex without marriage: One major point, which hinders some men, is the ability to know that they can have sex without marriage. This concept often makes them think less of marriage. When it comes to this point, you will realized that women will be the one eager to get married before sex while if the man needs sex, he just get another girl, done and dupe her just like that and this makes them think less of marriage.
2. The benefits of having a wife by cohabiting rather than marrying: A man may be reluctant to think of marriage when he thinks he can ask for a female friend to come live with him. In most cases the girl just accepts believing that it’s a way to express her love to the guy. Nothing is wrong with that but the problem now is that, the guy gets all the benefit of marriage while unmarried. You will even see that in some instances, they have a child without legally married. It’s true, it happens all the time.
3. They want to avoid divorce and financial risk: Some men are afraid of the ideal of getting married due to the obstacles that come later in it, probably because they saw an example from their parents or others and not want to fall another victim in this regard. Also the inability to get a stable source of income makes others to think less of marriage.
4. They expect to get older before having children: This has to do mostly with young men. They expect to enjoy the benefit of youth and the good things that life offers after graduation before settling down for marriage. That is why if you decide to do a little research on this point, you will discover that the majority of young men are not eager to bear children. They believe there is no rush in it in the sense that they can still settle and get children at old age.
5. They fear of changes and compromise: Most of the time you will realize that a man just wants a wife probably to look good, provide great sex, join in his day-to-day recreational activities and tell him he is wonderful. On the other hand women’s requirements are not very like that. They need to feel loved. They want a great conversationalist, a man who is funny, a good father for their children, someone who is attractive, a good sexual partner, a man who is ambitiously successful and God fearing. In reality, most men are simply not that. For the majority of them to do this, a lot of changes will be required which some men are not willing to.
6. Waiting for a perfect match: This is another reason why you may see someone with all what it takes to get married but on the other hand he is not willing to. This point makes sense to me to a certain extend. For example, a man can expect to find a soul mate before he can get married. During this process, no woman other than his criteria match will make him married until he sees one. In my book How to make someone fall in love with you, I explained how the falling in love process takes place in the subconscious mind and how a person can program someone’s mind to appear as a rightful match for him.
7. Further education: The ability to acquire further knowledge hinders some men as well as women. They believed that in order for them to concentrate with studies, they don’t want to be disturb by family affairs or bearing the responsibility of children while in school.
8. They faced few social pressures to marry: Concerning the issue of getting married, women are more eager than men probably because they’re faced with much pressure from parents, family members, friends etc. than men. If a girl’s friend gets married, she automatically wants to get married as well. I don’t know why, maybe it has to do with eternal pressures or comparison. But with the case of men, they take it in a gradual process taking their time.

As you can see from the reasons above, a man may decide to seek more time before thinking of married due to many good and bad things happening within and around him, right? Prior to the 8 reasons why men are not eager to get married mentioned above, they are other minor factors which still hinder some men like the inability to finance a legitimate marriage, the hope to first have a self-apartment , wanting to build a house, not willing to marry a woman who already has a child etc.

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