Choosing a career is considered as one of the most important decisions of a student’s life. There comes a time, where students tend to get worried as well as confused while choosing a specific field. And that’s where a career counsellor enters for giving the right guidance. A school’s career counsellor works as a guiding light in both professional and personal terms. Their guidance does wonders in influencing a student’s life towards an enhanced future. The school counsellors are well-informed individuals possessing knowledge of admissions, competitions, opportunities, etc. So, in order to ease out the confusion, here are the top 8 questions you can ask your school’s career counsellor:

Ques. 1: How do I prepare for my Graduation? Owning clarity on choosing a specific career option is a blessing. Schools in sonipat counsellor provides a wider understanding of the prime techniques and ensures to deliver the essentials required to prepare for graduation. Likewise, the counsellor monitors your performance by engaging in frequent consultations. That’s what marks a way towards the attainment of the goal.

Ques. 2: What competitions do I need to opt for? Standardized tests are one of the essential aspects of getting into the desired college or university. A counsellor will guide you to undertake the necessary tests or competitive examinations post analyzing your desire for college. The counsellors are well aware of the tests and how well they work in accordance with your preferred course. The top schools in Sonipat make sure they have the best counsellors available to make the students grab the best of the opportunities.

Ques. 3: What is the right time to start applying to college? At times, the colleges start their admission process prior to the announcement of results. That’s what a student needs to be aware of. A counsellor ensures that the students are aware of the ongoing processes of universities and colleges. Asking them the right time to apply not only proves beneficial for the students but also, the counsellor to get ample time to concentrate on preparing the student accordingly.

Ques. 4: Where do I find scholarship opportunities? Post relieving from school, some students desire to apply for scholarships. However, getting detailed information from the internet is never enough. The counsellors are best to go for when looking for scholarship opportunities. They guide you with the top scholarship opportunities matching with your subject and other requirements.

Ques. 5: What are the deadlines for college applications? Missing out on the application deadline is the biggest nightmare of an applicant. The counsellor ensures its student is not missing out on any application he might be interested in. Asking out deadlines and not missing them is the most a student must ask their counsellors. The best cbse school in sonipat keep their students updated with the application deadlines.

Ques. 6: How do I fill my application form: Filling out an application form requires crucial details which one cannot afford to miss out on or make mistakes on. Your counsellor will be the person to go for wherein; they guide you to fill out even the tiniest details with perfection. Also, with their industry experience, your answers will possess the capability to stand out amongst the application.

Ques. 7: How do I manage the balance between studies and competitive preparations? School studies and preparation for competitive examinations become a hard amalgamation wherein balancing the duo becomes challenging. A counsellor showcases various techniques for students to ensure that their studies are not being affected whilst their preparation for competitive examination is going on. Managing both at the same time gets better with productive counselling.

Ques. 8: Do universities provide Financial Aid? Some students aspire to enhance their career by getting admission into the top colleges but, their pocket makes it harder to commence further. That’s where the counsellor plays a vital role. Your counsellor is well aware of the universities providing financial aid and how the process takes further. Ask your counsellor about financial aids as they hold an understanding of what colleges or universities offer concessions, discounts, and sponsorship, and so on for the specific set of students.

A school’s career counsellor is a major personality who not only plays a role in shaping your future but also, guides you by implementing his top skills and resources. However, there are times where students get confused about the questions they need to put in front of their counsellors. 

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